How To Give Your Dog A Regular Health Check-Up

Posted on January 24, 2011


Happy Monday, blog friends!  We were recently approached by Alicia at Bisket Baskets requesting to guest post on performing dog health-check ups.  We’re always concerned with keeping Gus as happy and healthy as possible and gladly accepted their offer to share some tips on dog health.

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Woof!  How To Give Your Dog A Regular Health Check-Up

You’ve had a stressful day at work, and you can’t wait to get home and relax.  As you approach your front door, you hear the excited yapping of Baxter, and as you turn the key and open the door, you’re greeted by an overjoyed Baxter who is ready to shower you with complete love and affection.  Not a bad way to come home, is it?  Thank Baxter for his loyalty and stress-reducing powers by giving him a regular check-up at least once a month, in addition to yearly vet check-ups – you’ll be helping to ensure that he’s healthy for many coming-home’s!

Check Out His Coat
Dogs can develop lumps and skin irritations that you may not discover without taking a look at your dog’s coat.  Run your hand along Baxter’s entire body to see if there’s any lumps, and if you feel anything, make a vet appointment immediately.  Be sure to also check for irritated patches of skin or areas where Baxter may be nibbling on his skin – your vet can provide you with canine lotions or even medication to ease your dog’s skin irritation.

Eyes, Ears, and Teeth Time
Baxter may not exactly like having you take a look at his teeth, but it’ll be easier than having to tackle dental problems down the road.  Your dog’s gums should be pink and moist, and his teeth relatively white. Be sure to always purchase dog treats and dog bones that promote canine dental health, as well.  Then, move on to your dog’s ears – they should be free of sores and any rough patches.  Your dog’s eyes should be clear and lively-looking, and be mostly free of discharge, although some dog breeds do have more eye discharge than others.

Two Paws Up For Dog Health
Next, take a look at your dog’s paws.  Do his paws have any cuts or anything stuck in the pads that could be hurting your dog?  How long are his nails – is it time to visit the groomers?  If Baxter’s nails are touching the ground, then it’s time to take him in for a nail trimming!

Dogs Have Mood Swings, Too
Most dog owners describe their dogs as happy and relaxed.  Every dog has a different temperament, but if you notice that your normally energetic dog seems mopey and tired all the time, it’s time to visit the vet.  He may just have a little cold or infection, but your vet can help identify the problem, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Baxter will be back to his happy old self in no time.

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Thanks, Bisket Basket for sharing dog health tips with us.  We’ll be paying especially close attention to any changes in Gus’s health this year during our travels and will be conducting our own daily health check-ups.

And because we just can’t publish a post without at least one Gus photo…here it is!  Puppy photos always make the day better (especially Mondays!), don’t you think?


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