And…We’re Off!

Posted on June 10, 2011


Today is the day!

After a quick few hours at work (so I can out-process), we’re hitting the road!  We originally planned on leaving first thing tomorrow morning, but we decided that trying to leave early in the morning would be too chaotic and stressful.  This way, Mitch, Katie and Gus have the entire morning to load up the last of our things in the cars before we depart.  Our intention is to make it all the way to Oklahoma City for the night.  Which means by the time our heads hit the pillow tonight, we will no longer be Texans!

There are several details we thought you might be interested in regarding our departure.  In order to avoid a terribly long run-on sentence and post (and because we’re still crazy-busy), we thought it’d be easiest to put together a bulleted-list.  Besides, I love a good list. 🙂

  • We foolishly posted on Wednesday with the title “Finished!”.  In reality, we still had a bazillion things to wrap up (i.e. painting, cleaning, packing up odds and ends, etc…).  While we hoped to have a relaxing few days post-ABF container departing, it’s been non-stop all week.
  • No, our house hasn’t sold.  Booo!  It’s sort of our worst nightmare, but it wasn’t going to keep us from leaving.  It will sell eventually…we hope.
  • Yes, we really both quit our well-paying jobs in order to travel the country.  Most people are divided over thinking it’s the greatest idea ever OR that we’re completely nuts.  We’re on the fence. 😉
  • Mitch, Katie and I are all driving separately in order to move all three cars to Iowa.  Gus (and his car seat) will ride with Mitch.  Although it will be a very long ride to drive individually, we’re hoping it gives us all some time to decompress from the anxiety and stress we’ve experienced the last few weeks.
  • The trip to Iowa will be split into three days; approximately seven hours of travel each day.  We plan on spending the night in Oklahoma City tonight and Kansas City tomorrow night.
  • We are moving our belongings temporarily to Iowa while we travel.  We have not decided where we will settle.  Our parents are not-so-secretly rooting for Iowa.
  • Monday through Wednesday will be spent unloading the ABF trailer and prepping for our departure.
  • We’ll depart first thing Thursday morning for Denver!

Again, thank you all so very much for your kind words of encouragement as we’ve gone through this process.  Please bear with us while we navigate our new routine and find our new groove.  We apologize in advance for not being able to blog read as much as we’d like over the next week while we’re in transit to Iowa.

We’ll leave you with a couple of photos we snapped of our now-empty house.  It’s bittersweet to leave the home we’ve lived in the last seven years.  Excuse the randomness of the rooms we photographed and the crappy quality.  We snapped these at 1 am after our last round of touch-up painting and our bodies were screaming at us to go to bed.

Goodbye, San Antonio.  Thanks for the memories!

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