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Halloween is the Worst!

October 31, 2010


According to Gus, Halloween is the worst holiday ever.  Here are his reasons why: There are no presents He doesn’t get any candy There are no presents He has to wear funny costumes There are no presents As you can see by his list, the omission of presents is really the main reason why he […]

Sleeping Shiba Inu

October 29, 2010


According to Gus, this video is guaranteed to brighten your day!  This adorable shiba inu isn’t the only dogger who likes to chase bunnies and squirrels in their sleep.  Gus does too…video to follow as soon as we can capture it. Happy Friday everyone!  Hope your weekend is fantastic.  Gus sees long park walks and even longer […]

I’m Still Hungry

October 28, 2010


According to Gus, laying on the floor in front of his empty dog bowl stand means he wants more dinner!  This never happens, I mean never.  He ate lunch as normal, 1/2 cup of Natural Balance Duck & Potato canned food, and later his dinner, more NB canned food + NB Duck & Potato dry […]

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

October 27, 2010


According to Gus, the best part of his day is bedtime.  Especially when he gets a story read to him before he drifts off to dream sweet puppy dreams.  On this particular night, his book of choice was Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! There were all sorts of cute doggers in this book.  “Puppies big and puppies small, […]

Sitting in a Bowl

October 25, 2010


According to Gus, it’s not cute when puppies are placed into bowls and forced to have their photo taken.  Sorry Gus, we beg to differ.  It’s obviously the CUTEST thing ever to place a puppy in a bowl and take a photo.  Especially when said puppy still has fluffy puppy fur. Ever since I snapped […]

Baby Dillo

October 25, 2010


According to Gus, Baby Dillo is a sneaky little devil and needs to be squashed.  Preferably, with his own Monster Paws!


October 24, 2010


Welcome to According to Gus!  This blog was created to plan and document our 2011 trip around the U.S.  It will include reviews of restaurants, hotels, parks, attractions, and products.  We hope to share insight on the best places and things for your dog.  All, According to Gus! We are striving to find the best dog-friendly […]