Seven Days, Seven States

Posted on June 17, 2011


Hi, Friends!

Long time, no blog!  We can hardly believe it’s already been a week since we posted last Friday about our departure from San Antonio.  We are happy to report that we made it safe and sound to Iowa last Sunday afternoon and just arrived in Denver about two hours ago.

Let us back up a bit and give you a quick recap of how we spent our last seven days:

  • Day #1:  Departed San Antonio, drove through Oklahoma and arrived in Wichita, KS at 2:30 am

We took one last photo of Gus in our now empty living room.

  • Day #2:  Arrived in Overland Park (Kansas City), KS late morning.  Gus and I hung out in the lobby at Drury while Katie and Mitch visited their first brewery of the trip.  Boulevard Brewing is located in Kansas City and their wheat brew is one of their all-time favorites.  They came back to the hotel with a six-pack of pint glasses – they better not keep that up, or we’ll be shipping pint glasses back to Iowa every couple of weeks. 😉


  • Day #3:  Departed Kansas City bright and early in the morning, drove through a bit of Missouri, arrived in Iowa and spent the afternoon visiting our extended family.  It was SO nice to see everyone!

  • Day #4:  Spent the day unloading the ABF trailer and tucking away all of our boxes and furniture at our parents’ houses.  Thank goodness they’re both empty-nesters and have lots of extra room to accommodate a houseful of our belongings!  Mitch relished being back in Iowa where freshly baked goodies awaited his hungry belly.  Katie and I were surprised that he didn’t turn into a sugar cube before we left.

  • Day #5:  Besides eating three, humongous, delicious homemade meals, we also squeezed in a nap (or two) and continued to organize all of our stuff.  It was as overwhelming to find a spot for all the boxes as it was to pack them all.
  • Day #6:  We finalized a few last-minute details and spent our last day in Iowa packing up everything we needed for the trip and worked on getting everything in the van.  It was our intention to post our Gus packing list weeks ago, hoping you could all point out anything we might have forgotten, but sadly, we ran out of time.  Hopefully we have everything we need!

We couldn’t resist snapping a quick photo of Gus next to one of my dad’s corn fields.  We will snap another when we’re back in Iowa in a couple of months to see how much it’s grown!

  • Day #7:  We departed Iowa this morning at 7 am and hit the open road!  We made a few stops in Nebraska and arrived in Denver approximately 10:30 pm last night.  We were all very relieved to be out of the van!

Seven days, seven states!

Thank you for all your well wishes as we started our travels.  We’ve been offline since this past Sunday and felt so fortunate to see your kind comments on the blog, Twitter and Facebook.  We can’t wait to catch up and see what you have all been up to this past week!

We’ll be back soon with our first hotel recap and some Denver posts!

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