Don’t Tell Gus…

Posted on January 26, 2011


Don’t tell Gus, but we’re suspending a week of Word Whiz Wednesday in order to share something exciting with you!  A couple of weeks ago we blogged about Gus’s knowledge (and love) of the word “liver treat”.  You can read the full post here.  Gus has been devouring liver treats for years and PureBites kindly sent us samples to share with our blog friends.  Cool, right?!

PureBites sent along four of their freeze-dried treats:  Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Ocean Whitefish and Chicken Breast…all made with only one ingredient.  Even though Gus would like to keep these all for himself, we decided it’d be more fun to share the goodies with TEN of you!  Just do us a favor and don’t tell Gus we’re sharing.  He’d never forgive us. 😉



As you can see, I went a bit overboard snapping photos.  M teased me about how long my “liver treat photo shoot” took this weekend.  I have no problem admitting it was an absolute blast.  I could happily make a career out of snapping photos of liver treats.  PureBites, call me.  Gus says I’ll work in exchange for an unlimited supply of treats. 😉

I played with the aperture setting for the next photos and was pleased with how they turned out *takes a bow*.  Slowly but surely we’re starting to get the hang of our DSLR.  Hopefully we’ll master all the settings before our travels later this year!





Here are the nitty-gritty details on how to snag samples of all four of these PureBites treats:

  • Comment on this post and share with us your dogger’s nickname
    • Gus has TONS…here are a few:  Buster Brown, Gussers, Gussie, Mister, Mister Nosey-Pants, Monsti (short for monster) and many more!
  • U.S. entries only
    • We apologize to our international friends!  We are shipping all these packages ourselves and our heads nearly exploded trying to determine the international shipping rules.  To our friendly Canadian neighbors to the north, if you are familiar with Canada’s import rules, let us know.  We’ll call the USPS tomorrow to see if we can get more information so you can be included!

That’s it…Easy peasy!  We’ll enter all the comments into Sunday evening, update this post and notify the ten winners via email.  Although not mandatory, we’d love for you to like our Facebook page and/or follow us on Twitter.  Additional information on PureBites can be found on their website, Facebook page or Twitter account.  Thank you, PureBites!

We couldn’t possibly post without including a Gus photo, so we’re including one of our all-time favorites.  This was taken right after he’d been given a bath and a nice warm blow-dry.  Since this is a family friendly blog, we tastefully photoshopped a little paw print over his you-know-what.  We wouldn’t want to be accused of puppy pornography. 😉

Disclosure:  This post was not sponsored by PureBites nor did we receive any compensation.  The product review we posted here was based solely on our opinion and experience with PureBites liver treats.


UPDATE:  We put the comment names in and have our winners!  The winners will be contacted via email.  Thanks so much for reading!

**Disclosure:  Comment #3 is my lovely brother, Steve.  We will be sending their adorable doggers treats + the 11th commenter!**

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