5 Things You Can Learn From Your Pet

Posted on May 20, 2011



I recently cleaned out my ridiculously large stack of unread magazines and spotted a wonderful article in the January 2011 (yeah, I’m a bit behind) issue of Real Simple.  The article on 5 Things You Can Learn From Your Pet caught my eye and I immediately tore it out to share with Mitch.

1.  Celebrate Everything

I am insanely hard on myself, Mitch can attest to this, and find it difficult to accept anything less than perfection when I’m working on a project.  It doesn’t matter if it’s my job, packing up boxes or working on this blog.  I get caught up on little details easily and have a hard time moving on.

Gus is the perfect antidote for my irrational behavior.  Every day, he greets us as if he hasn’t seen us in ions and showers us with more love and kisses than we could ever ask for.  He beams up to us proudly when he finishes his dinner (a big achievement in our house) and enthusiastically wags his tail after he performs a trick.  Gus’s sunny disposition and adorable mug constantly remind to us to celebrate the small things. 

2.  Just Being Present is Enough

Living so far from our family and friends isn’t easy.  I’ll admit, I cried through the first Christmas we spent in Texas.  I actually managed to hold it together pretty well until I opened a present my parents had sent us.  It was a hand-painted ornament of our Iowa City house.  One look at the ornament and the tears started flowing.

Gus was welcomed into our home about a year and a half later and instantly brightened our lives.  Now, when we celebrate holidays, we’re able to share the joy and festivities with Gus.  Just having him “present” in our lives is more than enough for us. 

3.  (Brain) Size Doesn’t Matter

Although humans are technically smarter than dogs, sometimes we wonder.  Do you know what Gus’s reaction is to something he doesn’t want to do?  He doesn’t do it.  Sounds pretty smart to us.

4.  Don’t Try So Hard

Often while we’re packing up the house, we grow frustrated with all the work and decisions that lie ahead of us.  The same goes for planning our upcoming travels.  Although we try to take things one step at a time, the enormity of it all quickly overwhelms us.  We could all learn a thing or two from our furry counterparts.  When Gus gets stressed out, he snoozes.  Again, we refer to #3.  Sounds pretty smart to us.

5.  You Can Get Along With Anybody

Unfortunately, social skills are not something we hope to learn from Gus.  We’ve yet to address it on the blog, but Gus isn’t a fan of most other dogs.  He tolerates them, but is never going to be the most popular dog at the dog park.  He’s more like the mysterious guy who smokes behind the building.  😉  We’re constantly working on his social skills, but he’s definitely a work in progress.

What do you think?  Do you agree we can learn these five things from our pets?  Click here for the full article.  


We’ll leave you with a few photos I snapped of Gus this past week.  I had a killer migraine (boooo) and worked from home on Tuesday.  My consolation prize?  This adorable snoozing dogger sitting next to me.  I’d take a headache in exchange for this company any day.

Ahhhh…a dog’s life.

After he grew tired of his mom snuggling up next to him, he moved to one of his favorite spots in the house…his friend, Benny.  Benny is a slipcover (from IKEA) over a floor pillow that we purchased several years ago.  It quickly became Gus’s go-to spot to snooze after he became too hot (or too annoyed) on the sofa with us.  We are not taking Benny with us during our travels and we hope Gus is okay with that.  He’ll miss his best bud!

We’re spending the next few days packing up the house and keeping our fingers crossed for house showings.  Have a great weekend!

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