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We’re in the Weeds

June 1, 2011


Happy Wednesday, Friends! The title of today’s blog post is a tad dramatic, but at the same time, highly appropriate for our current situation.  We’ve spent the last several days organizing and packing up our house.  To say “we’re in the weeds” is probably a gross understatement.  We tossed around posting an expletive-laced title, but decided to keep it clean and […]

San Antonio River Walk: Part One

May 18, 2011


According to Gus, the River Walk is the best place in the entire city to spend a weekend morning. We agree!  As we’ve mentioned in several previous posts, we head down to the River Walk every weekend to walk Gus and go for a run.  As a family, the River Walk is our absolute favorite […]

Help! We’re Melting!

April 9, 2011


According to Gus, 96 degrees is too hot for April! Okay, okay…we’re not really melting.  It just feels like we are.  As planned, we went for a walk + run yesterday and the thought of jumping into the San Antonio River crossed our minds more than a few times.  Even Gus, who loathes water, peered longingly over the edge […]

This is How Gus Rolls

April 6, 2011


Happy Wednesday, blog friends! For the antsy readers who already visually scanned through the post and are cursing us, let us explain… M and I are both runners.  Approximately five years ago, we ditched our unhealthy ways and got back in shape.  We both put on weight during our college years (damn you, beer and vodka!) and were […]

Gus is Featured in FIDO Friendly!

March 2, 2011


Happy Wednesday, friends! Words cannot properly describe our excitement about today’s post.  In fact, we’ve been giddy with perma-smiles plastered on our faces for the past week. We recently received an email from Carol Bryant, the brilliant mastermind behind the FIDO Friendly Blog, Facebook page and Twitter account.  She’s amazing and we often question if she […]

Waxy O’Connor’s

January 15, 2011


According to Gus, dining along the San Antonio River Walk is a fabulous way to spend an afternoon. Waxy O’Connor’s is one of our favorite places to dine in San Antonio.  Why, you ask?  Their outdoor patio is dog-friendly!  It’s the perfect spot to stop for lunch or an ice-cold beer. While working on our post […]

So Much Excitement!

December 29, 2010


We’re interrupting another week of Word Whiz Wednesday because it’s been non-stop excitement at our house! My parents arrived safe and sound on Saturday night after a delay in Chicago.  I don’t think any of our family has ever flown through O’Hare without some sort of delay.  A few years ago when we flew back […]