Summer Cut

Posted on April 25, 2011


Hi there!

We hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  We know many of you had family gatherings planned and we imagine your bellies are still full from all the good eats!

The three of us enjoyed a fun-filled weekend, and once again, took almost 300 photos!  We’re excited to share some of our favorite dog friendly spots in Austin.  We just need to find the time to sort and edit the photos.  Does anyone have a magic trick that will give us a couple extra hours each day?  😉 


We already posted photos of Gus after his recent haircut, but thought it would be fun to show you the process.  Because Gus is our mystery mutt, there are no specific cuts we feel obligated to stick to.  We give him one major summer cut each spring, and then several trims throughout the year.  It’s a dreaded task (it usually takes at least 90 minutes for the full cut), but it saves us quite a bit of money and the stress of leaving him for hours at the groomer.  We had a negative experience with a groomer when Gus was a puppy and decided it was something we were willing to try on our own.  After our first DIY haircut, we never looked back.


Here’s a shot of the fur mid-cut.

Are you done yet?

Ahhhhh…peeing is so much more comfortable now that my hair is short.


This next photo really highlights the fact that we are not professionals.  His neck, chest and legs are always difficult to trim with the clippers which results in a jagged cut.  We jokingly refer to his cut as a “hack job” and there are always a few cringe-worthy areas we notice after we’re done. 

Side note:  Hmmm…since his neck, chest and legs are difficult to trim, that doesn’t leave much else!

Maybe we should make dog yarn out of the leftovers? 😉

After his cut and a bath, Gus was a maniac.  He zoomed around the house for a solid 15 minutes after he was done.  We like to imagine he feels faster after a haircut.

M loves Gus’s hair after he’s had a summer cut.  He thinks he looks sleek and smooth.  Personally, I miss his long, wispy locks.  Lucky for me, his hair grows fast. 😀

Do you do any DIY grooming at home, or do you leave it up to the professionals?

We do all of Gus’s grooming at home, with the exception of expressing his anal glands.  That’s one procedure we gladly pay someone else to do!

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