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Posted on May 16, 2011


Hiya!  We hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  As planned, Mitch, Gus and I spent Saturday at Padre Island National Seashore near Corpus Christi.  A road trip to the coast was on our Farewell to Texas list, and we’re glad we made time to visit.  We had a great day strolling along the beach and relaxing in the sun.  It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. 🙂

Today’s post is something we intended to blog about months ago.  Several of you have noticed and commented on the yellow harness Gus has been sporting in our recent posts.  We thought we’d share what it is and where we got it.  Plus, it’s an excellent way to publicly express our gratitude. 🙂

Late last fall, we entered to win a Buddy Belt from the FIDO Friendly blog.  We had been swooning over Buddy Belt harnesses for quite some time and were excited to see this offered as a giveaway.  Prior to starting According to Gus, we never won anything, so we just assumed our chances were slim to none.  Much to our delight, we were notified by the wonderful Carol Bryant of FIDO Friendly that we were one of the Buddy Belt winners!  Not only were we one of the three, we were also the grand prize winner which included the harness, collar, leash, picture frame and key fob.  Wowzas!




Once again, our model grew very tired of our photo shoot.  Here is a yawn…in six photos… 





Gus is now completely decked out in Canadian gear.  Buddy Belt is based in Ontario and blanketID is based in British Columbia.  Maybe Canada should make him an honorary citizen? 😉

A very special thanks goes out to Steve at Buddy Belt for his kindness and patience while we selected our color and size.  We had a difficult time choosing a color and he was so helpful when we asked (a million) questions.

Our Review:

+  The Buddy Belt was designed to reduce stress and pressure on the trachea and throat and it’s worked wonders on our little monster who likes to chase after squirrels during walks 😉
+  Buddy Belts are available for a wide range of dogs – from 2 all the way to 100+ pounds
+  The single buckle closure is sturdy and quick to put on and adjust
+  Buddy Belts are available in SO many wonderful colors – it took us forever before we finally settled on the lovely Honeycomb color

–  Suede (especially in light colors) gets dirty quickly; we suggest choosing a leather option
–  Buddy Belt harnesses are pricey ($40+ and up, depending on size).  After using the Buddy Belt for several months, We definitely think they are worth the price, but the cost was the reason we hadn’t purchased it prior to the giveaway.

In summary, we highly recommend Buddy Belt to anyone who is in the market for a new harness.  The quality and craftsmanship are top-notch!  Thank you, Buddy Belt and FIDO Friendly!

Disclosure:  We won the Buddy Belt prize pack through FIDO Friendly Magazine’s blog.  We were not compensated for this post and the opinions are all our own.


Before we end for today, we wanted to share some good news this morning.  We put all of the entries into Random.org for The Dogfather Tank from Doggie T-Shirts yesterday evening.  And the winner is…

Minnie and Mack!

We also have one more bit of good news to share this morning.  The winner of the starter box of PetCakes did not respond to either of the two emails we sent.  We decided to wait until yesterday evening to draw again.  We entered all the entries back into Random.org, and the winner is…

Mr. Pip!

Congratulations to the two winners!  We are so happy that we were able to host these giveaways.  Another big shout-out to Lucky Paws PetCakes and Doggie T-Shirts.com for providing the wonderful items.  We love sharing with our blog friends!

We will email both winners for their addresses so we can get their goodies shipped off ASAP!

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