Dog Friendly Dining: Hondo’s

Posted on May 13, 2011


Zip A Dee Doo Dah
Zip A Dee Eh
My, on my!
What a wonderful day!
Plenty of sunshine headin’ my way!
Zip A Dee Doo Dah
Zip A Dee Eh

If you can’t tell already, we’re really excited today is Friday.  Not only do Mitch and I have the afternoon off, we also plan on packing up the kitchen.  There’s nothing we I love more than crossing an item off our ginormous to-do list!  Our afternoon plans also coincide with San Antonio Food Bank’s Stamp Out Hunger Drive.  It’s a win-win.  Our pantry will be cleaned out and we’ll be donating to a worthy organization. 😀 

Side note:  Are we the only ones who thought the lyrics were “zippity” instead of “zip a dee“? 

While we’re on the subject of weekend shenanigans, we wanted to share our recent dog friendly dining experience.  Before our stroll down Main Street, we stopped in at our favorite Fredericksburg dog friendly restaurant, Hondo’s.

We first visited Hondo’s several years ago after making a quick call to the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce for a list of dog friendly dining options.  One look at Hondo’s menu, and we were sold.   Any restaurant that has an entire section of their menu devoted to “Hot Crunchies” holds the key to our hearts.

Once again, I had a little fun with my Totally Rad Action sets.  I used the Oh, Snap action on the left and Sparta on the right. 


We arrived at Hondo’s just before noon on a Saturday and had the entire patio area to ourselves for the first 30 minutes or so.  It was perfect – Gus was able to explore while we snapped photos.

Hondo’s onion strings ($4.95) and chipotle dipping sauce are ah-mazing.  I’m not exaggerating when I say I lay awake at night dreaming of these.  Mitch isn’t a huge fan of onions, but even he cannot deny the deliciousness of Hondo’s onion strings.  Ughhh…I’m salivating just looking at these photos! 

Their homemade parmesan potato chips ($4.50) are equally drool-worthy.  They’re perfectly crunchy with just the right amount of salt + pepper + cheese.  Yum-O!

Because we knew we were going to indulge in lots of fried goodies, Katie and I both ordered the Kid’s Donut Hole Burger + Curly Fries ($5.05).

Mitch opted for the man-sized Bacon Cheddar Burger ($7.75).

Gus was such a good boy throughout our entire meal.  He cozied up in between me and Katie on the picnic table bench and didn’t make a peep.

Although we consumed enough calories for the entire weekend, it was soooo worth it!


The Details:

Hondo’s on Main:  312 West Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX  830.997.1633

  • Opens at 11am Wed-Sun
  • Click here for Hondo’s menu

Our Review (+ = positive, – = negative):

+ Dog friendly outdoor seating
+ Plenty of shaded tables
+ Counter service is quick and friendly
+ Hot Crunchies are plentiful and inexpensive
+ Located on Main Street near all the shops

– The bathrooms are a little scary – avoid if possible
– Drinks are self-serve which means several trips inside for refills

Fun Facts:

  • Local musicians perform at Hondo’s several nights per week
  • Donut burgers are made with egg as a binder
  • Reviewed favorably (4*) on Yelp


We wish you all a very happy Friday and weekend!  We have plans for a quick road trip to Corpus Christi for some fun-in-the-sun on the beach.  Gus is tagging along for the adventure, obviously, so prepare yourself for an insane amount of photos in an upcoming post.  😀