Hi. Nice to Meet You.

Posted on May 6, 2011


Now that both of our “official” resignation letters were submitted, we thought we’d share a bit more about ourselves, including a photo!  A couple of weeks ago, we posted an ABC’s of Us entry that divulged a few trivial facts about the two of us.  We thought we’d expand on that post and tell you a little more about the humans behind According to Gus.

We know, we’re hijacking Gus’s blog space…again.  Feel free to skip to the bottom for Gus photos.  You won’t hurt our feelings if you do.  Okay, you’ll kinda hurt our feelings – just don’t tell us you skipped to the bottom. 😉


M = Mitch.  In the beginning, we thought it would be best to hide his first name.  Mitch is a middle school history teacher, and teenagers can be real…turds, to put it nicely.  We figured the less his real name was out there, the better.  Now that there are only 18 days of school left, we think it’s safe to reveal his real identity.  I comment on your blogs as Lori, but thought we’d put a face with the name.

Katie is Gus’s aunt (Lori’s sister).  She is accompanying us on our journey and we couldn’t be more excited to have her along for the adventure.  She absolutely adores Gus and he feels the same about her.  There are many places we plan on visiting that are not dog friendly (museums, some national parks, attractions, etc…) and having three humans ensures that Gus will never have to be alone.

We were inspired to create a blog of our own while researching Gus friendly travel.  Who knows, maybe we’ll inspire someone else to drop everything and travel the country! 


In just over 30 days, we are departing on a cross-country road trip with Gus.  Here are a few facts about our trip:

  • Mode of  transportation:  Minivan (generously on loan from Mitch parents – thanks G&C!)
  • Hotels:  As much as we wish we were the camping type – we’re not.  We will be staying in dog friendly hotels.
    • Luckily for us, we have family members in Denver, San Diego, San Francisco, Eugene and Minneapolis who are graciously taking us in.  aka, we’ll be squatting at their houses – for free!
  • Food:  We plan to seek out the best dog friendly dining establishments in each city.


As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we intend on visiting each of the lower 48 states and several Canadian provinces.  We will continue to post sections of our proposed itinerary as we go through the planning process.  Once we depart, we intend to update the blog daily to record our travels.


We leave San Antonio on Saturday, June 11th.  We estimate the journey will take five or six months. 


Life is too short and you never know what’s around the corner. 

Mitch and I never intended on staying  in Texas as long as we have.  We moved down here seven years ago for a job and assumed we’d only stay for two or three years.  Two or three quickly turned into five or six and we finally decided last spring that 2011 was the year we were leaving.  We both love to travel and haven’t had the chance to nearly as often as we’d like.  Living 1,000 miles away from your family means that most of your vacation time is spent traveling to visit them – which we were always glad to do, but it also left little time to go anywhere else.


Thanks for reading a little a lot more about us.  We can assure you we are not taking over the blog and will resume our Gus-filled posts soon.  Although, be prepared to see a few more photos of us in future posts.  We quickly realized that because of the blog, we were only taking photos of Gus and oddly contorting our bodies to make sure we weren’t in the shot.  Not cool. 

Feel free to ask us any questions if there’s something you’re dying to know.  Believe us, we’ve been asked every question in the book by friends, family and co-workers over the past 15 months.  We’d be happy to share with you anything you’re interested in. 😀

We’ll leave you with a couple of recent Gus photos.  These were taken right after his DIY summer cut, so ignore the jagged edges!

We wish you all a fabulous Friday and weekend!  Mitch and I are both off this afternoon and plan on tackling the ginormous task of packing up our closet.  We only have 20-something days of work remaining, which means we can pack up the majority of our work clothes.  We cannot wait to say goodbye to the trousers, dress shirts and blouses – bring on the sundresses, shorts and tanks!

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