Popware for Pets

Posted on April 29, 2011


It’s Friday!  Hip Hip Hooray!

Is it just us, or does anyone else’s heart flutter a bit when the alarm goes off on a Friday morning?  There’s just something magical about all the possibilities a weekend holds.  Of course, if you’re us, you only manage to squeeze in about 25% of what you plan, but still.  Ahhhh, the possibilities.

We are down to six weekends left in San Antonio…only six!  We are starting to drift into full-out panic mode.  We’ve managed to stay pretty calm up until a couple of weeks ago when reality began to set in that our house was not selling.  It’s super frustrating, but there’s not much we can do to move the process along any faster.  We don’t want to worry about the house when we’re traveling, so we are really hoping it sells soon.  Wendy of i wuv wes suggested Gus should be our realtor.  What do you think?  Should we don Gus in a mustard-yellow Century 21 jacket and let him hold open houses? 😉

Okay, enough with the boring house babble.  We want to share a product with you we discovered several months ago and are quite smitten with.  We first spotted the Popware for Pets line during a visit to The Container Store last fall.  We were shopping for travel gear to add to our trip wish list and were giddy with excitement when we started browsing around the pet section.

Side note:  To be honest, I was the only one giddy with excitement.  M was enthusiastic, but he definitely didn’t join me in an impromptu Container Store happy dance.  Boys.  Pfft. 

Dexas, maker of Popware for Pets, generously sent us the Expandable/Collapsible Pet Feeder and a Travel Cup to test and review.  We’ve been consistently using both the feeder and the travel cup for the past four months.

The verdict?  We give both products an enthusiastic two thumbs and four paws up.  We know what you’re thinking.  Of course they love it, they got it for free!  We understand your skepticism and admittedly would probably be thinking the same thing.  We can promise this – we love it so much that it is absolutely being brought along on our trip.  And considering our space is limited, you know it’s gotta be good.

You can find our full review after the plethora of photos. 😀

We are posting these photos in the order we snapped them, which leads to the next question.  Where did Gus go?

On an unrelated note, we’d love to get any tips or tricks from all of you photogs on taking photos of moving subjects.  We’ve tried adjusting shutter speed, but the photos always come out very dark.  Help!  This next photo is cute – but so blurry. 😦

We are suckers for cute design and love the turquoise paw print accent on the base.

Just like the other winnie cooper did yesterday, Gus decided to photo bomb this next one…


The Details:

As mentioned, Dexas generously sent us the Expandable/Collapsible Pet Feeder and Travel Cup.  More information on these two items and the rest of the product line can be found online at the Popware for Pets website and can be purchased at various major retailers including, Petsmart, Petco, The Container Store, Entirely Pets and Amazon.com.

  • Small pet feeder’s capacity is eight ounces (each bowl)
  • Small pet feeder dimensions:  7″x13″x1.375″
  • Small travel cup’s capacity is eight ounces
  • Small travel cup dimensions:  5.25″x4.5″x.5″

Our Review (+ = positive, – = negative):

+  Small pet feeder collapses to less than 1.5 inches and travel cup collapses to less than 1/2 inch
+  The bowls are removable which makes cleaning a breeze
+  All bowls are dishwasher safe – expanded or collapsed
+  Travel cup includes a carabiner that’s easily attached to belt loops, backpacks or leashes
+  Dishwasher safe
+  BPA free

–  This particular model does not have adjustable legs (Dexas does sell a different model that adjusts from 8″ – 13″)

We highly recommend the Popware for Pets line for anyone looking for durable, stylish travel dishes.  We take the travel cup with us every time we take Gus to the park and it easily attaches to our belt loop or slips into a pocket in his car.  Both of these items are on our Gus packing list for our travels and we’re so glad to have discovered it.  Thank you, Dexas!

Fun Facts:

  • Dexas was founded in 1969 and is best known for their kitchenware (check your cabinet – we bet you have at least one cutting board made by Dexas)
  • Headquartered in Coppell, TX

Disclosure:  Dexas kindly sent us the Expandable/Collapsible Pet Feeder and a Travel Cup to review on the blog.  We were not compensated for this post and the opinions are all our own.


We wish you all a very happy Friday and weekend.  For the first time in months, we are not posting tomorrow for the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop.  As our time winds down in San Antonio, our to-do list continues to grow.  We have a chock-full weekend planned and can’t wait to get a few more items crossed off our massive list.

If we can get our act together, we have something fun to share with you all on Monday.  See you then!