ABC’s of Us

Posted on April 22, 2011


TGIF!  For those of you lucky enough to have the day off – enjoy it!  M is happily spending the day at home with Gus.  Good thing I left them a very lengthy “honey do” list to keep them occupied. 🙂  There are very clear instructions to wash, dry and Space Bag the majority of Gus’s toys.  We’ll see how far along they get with that project.  Gus has been known to remove all his toys from the laundry basket before they make it to the washing machine.  What a turd.

We came across several “ABC’s of Me” blog postings and thought it’d be a fun way to share a little more about M and I.  We know, we know.  This blog is named, According to Gus, not According to Us.  Nevertheless, we’re hijacking the blog content today.  We hope you don’t mind. 🙂


ABC’s of Us

A.  Age:  We are both 31

B.  Bed Size:  Queen (our next bed will be a king…Gus is a bed hog!)

C.  Chore You Really Dislike:  Cleaning toilets…so I don’t!  Before you spit out your coffee in disgust, let me explain.  Because I find scrubbing toilets so repulsive, M cleans all the toilets in our house.  What a great guy!

D.  Dogs:  Obviously, we hate dogs. 😉

E.  Essential Start to Your Day:  Gus snuggles and kisses

F.  Favorite Color:  Avocado green for me, black and gold for M (Go Hawks!)

G.  Gold or Silver:  Our wedding bands are both gold, but we are more silver people.  Or even better yet – platinum!

H.  Height:  Me:  5″3; M:  5″11

I.  Instruments You Play:  I started playing the clarinet in third grade and played all the way through high school.  And no, I don’t remember how to play – not even a single note!  M never played an instrument during school, but did attempt to teach himself how to play guitar a couple of summers ago.  The guitar now sits in our closet, gathering dust.

J.  Job Title:  Me:  senior financial analyst; M:  middle school history teacher

K.  Kids:  Zilch…besides Gus, of course

L.  Live:  In San Antonio…for now!  We move at the beginning of June!

M.  Mom’s Name:  Me:  Rose; M:  Cheryl

N.  Nicknames:  Hmmm…we can’t divulge that without listing M’s real name.  And if we listed M’s real name, we’d have to kill you.  So we’ll pass on this one…

O.  Overnight Hospital Stays:  Zero

P.  Pet Peeve:  Dog parents who never let their dogs out of the backyard.  We walk by so many in our neighborhood who never see the other side of the fence. 😦

Q.  Quote From A Movie:  Tommy:  “You know a lot of people go to college for seven years.”  Richard:  “I know, they’re called doctors.”  Tommy Boy

R.  Right or Left Handed:  We are both right-handed

S.  Siblings:  Me:  one older brother, one younger sister; M:  four (!) older sisters

T.  Time You Wake Up:  Six a.m. during the week, seven a.m. on the weekends

U.  Underwear:  Yes, we wear underwear.  We’ll spare you from reading any further details.  You’re welcome. 🙂

W.  What Makes You Run Late:  Grabbing one of a million things we take with us when we leave (water, fruit, phone, iPad, magazines, etc…)

X.  X-Rays You’ve Had:  Me:  knee, pelvis; M;  chest, knee, both wrists

Y.  Yummy Food You Make:  One of our favorite (and healthy) meals to make is Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Burgers using this recipe.

We’re also pretty good at making Pumpkin Dog Cookies – Gus loves them.  Click here for the recipe and tutorial.

Z.  Zoo – Favorite Animal:  We visited the San Diego Zoo last year and thought it would be fun to show you our favorite zoo animals through our photos!

Me:  pandas

M:  orangutans

Now that you’ve read a little more about M and me – we’d love to read the ABC’s of You!


Enjoy your holiday if you have plans for the long weekend.  If not, we’ll see you tomorrow for the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

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