Itinerary: Part One

Posted on April 18, 2011


According to Gus, he is relieved today is the beginning of another work week.  We wore the little bugger out this weekend!

We know we sound like a broken record – but how is it Monday already?!  Even with taking the afternoon off on Friday, the weekend still flew by.  We enjoyed a jam-packed sunny weekend crossing several items off of our “Farewell to Texas” list.  Out of fear of constructing a terrible run-on sentence, we’ll present a bulleted list of all of our weekend activities with Gus:

  • Dined al fresco at Orderup
  • Visited the Japanese Tea Garden
  • Ran at Brackenridge Park while Gus rode in his car
  • Drove 90 minutes north to Enchanted Park for a morning hike
  • Stopped in Fredericksburg for another al fresco lunch
  • Shopped the many quaint Fredericksburg shops
  • Travel planned, travel planned, travel planned
  • Walked Gus on the newly opened Hardberger trails
  • Played at Hardberger Dog Park
  • Ran on the Salado Creek Greenway while Gus rode in his car
  • Travel planned, travel planned, travel planned
  • Had a house showing
  • Crumpled onto the sofa out of pure exhaustion
The last item is a tad over-dramatic, but not by much.  We resisted the urge to crawl into bed at 7:30 p.m. last night.  Gus had no shame and promptly began his 14-hour snooze fest at 4 p.m.

The passing of another weekend also means we are one week closer to leaving our (hopefully sold) home and starting our travels.  Whee!!!  We are officially down to seven weekends left.  SEVEN.  OMG!!!

During the last several months, we’ve spent the majority of our free time either packing up our belongings or travel planning.  Trust us when we say the latter is much more fun.  Especially when one of us is anal retentive and insists on creating Google spreadsheets cataloging the contents of every single box.  I keep telling M that he’ll thank me later…who knows when or where we’ll be opening up these boxes?!

We’ve made decent progress with our travel planning.  We hope to visit all U.S. states, except for Alaska and Hawaii, + D.C. and several Canadian provinces.  We’re not going to lie – it’s daunting to research that many destinations.  Daunting, but soooooo exciting!  So, without further ado, here is part one of our itinerary!


Day 1 (Sat, Jun 11th) En Route to Iowa

  • Morning
    • Depart San Antonio
    • Dallas – JFK Memorial
  • Afternoon
    • Drive to Oklahoma City
    • Oklahoma City National Memorial
  • Evening
    • Drive to Wichita
  • Overnight in Wichita

Day 2 (Sun, Jun 12th) En Route to Iowa

  • Morning
    • Depart Wichita
    • Arrive in Kansas City
  • Afternoon
    • Boulevard Brewery Tour at 1p.m.
    • Depart for Iowa
  • Evening
    • Arrive in Iowa

Day 3 (Mon, Jun 13th) Iowa

  • Unload ABF trailer
  • Overnight in Iowa

Day 4 (Tue, Jun 14th) Iowa

  • Rest in Iowa (unload ABF trailer?)
  • Overnight in Iowa

Day 5 (Wed, Jun 15th) Iowa

  • Prep for departure
  • Overnight in Iowa

Day 6 (Thu, Jun 16th) En Route to Denver

  • Morning
    • Depart Iowa
    • University of Nebraska (Lincoln)
  • Drive to Denver
  • Overnight in Denver

Day 7 (Fri, Jun 17th) Denver

  • Morning
    • Denver State Capitol Dome Tour
    • Mr. Brown’s Attic Walk
  • Afternoon
    • 16th Street Pedestrian Mall
    • Larimer Square
    • LODO
      • Great Divide Brewing
      • Wynkoop Brewing
      • HH (Dixon’s or McCormick & Schmick’s)
  • Overnight in Denver

Day 8 (Sat, Jun 18th) Denver

  • Estes Park
    • Rocky Mountain National Park
      • Trail Ridge Road
      • Bear Lake Hike?
    • Estes Park – walk around town
  • Boulder
    • Celestial Seasonings Tour
    • Boulder Beer Company
    • Pearl Street Mall and/or University of Colorado Boulder
    • Peak to Peak Highway
  • Overnight in Denver

Day 9 (Sun, Jun 19th) Denver

  • Morning/Afternoon:  M/A/B
    • Whitewater rafting
  • Morning/Afternoon:  L/K/Gus
    • Red Rocks Park
    • Stapleton?
    • Cheesman Park?
  • Overnight in Denver

Day 10 (Mon, Jun 20th) Colorado Springs

  • Morning:  Drive to Colorado Springs
    • Air Force Academy
    • Olympic Training Center
  • Afternoon
    • Manitou Cliff Dwellings
    • Garden of the Gods
  • Overnight in Colorado Springs

Day 11 (Tue, Jun 21st) Colorado Springs

  • Morning/Afternoon:
    • Mt. Cutler trail (North Cheyenne Canon Park)
    • Pikes Peak
  • Afternoon/Evening:
    • Drive to Santa Fe
  • Overnight in Santa Fe

Day 12 (Wed, Jun 22nd) Santa Fe

  • Morning
    • Bandelier National Monument
  • Afternoon
    • Georgia O’Keefe Museum
    • Trolley Tour
    • Coffee Lover’s Walking Tour
    • San Miguel Mission
    • Palace of the Governors
  • Evening
    • Drive to Albuquerque
  • Overnight in Albuquerque

Day 13 (Thu, Jun 23rd) Albuquerque

  • Morning
    • Petroglyph National Monument
    • National Museum of Nuclear Science
    • Tingley Beach
  • Afternoon
    • ABQ Trolley
    • University of New Mexico
  • Evening
    • Drive to Roswell
  • Overnight in Roswell

Day 14 (Fri, Jun 24th) Roswell

  • Morning
    • International UFO Museum
    • Roswell Museum & Art Center
  • Afternoon
    • Drive to Carlsbad
    • Carlsbad Caverns
  • Evening
    • Drive to Alamogordo
  • Overnight in Alamogordo

Day 15 (Sat, Jun 25th) Alamogordo

  • Morning
    • White Sands National Monument
  • Afternoon
    • Drive to Phoenix
  • Overnight in Phoenix

Pretty ambitious, right?  We totally anticipate our itinerary changing a million times and we’re okay with that.  However, in order to keep our my sanity, we need to have some idea of how we’ll be spending our time and money.

Do you want to help us plan?  Click here to add your favorite dog friendly attraction or dining destination.  We’ve already received great recommendations from Chronicles of Cardigan, Snoopy’s Dogblog and Life with Lulu & Wally Too!.  We’d love to hear about your favorite dog friendly spots!

We’ll leave you with a few recent photos of Gus playing.  We gave him a haircut a couple of weeks ago and he looks like an entirely different dog!

We hesitated before adding this photo due to the major blur action, but quickly realized it captured his crazy playtime behavior perfectly.  We love it when he rolls around on his back inside his dog house.
This next photo is mildly inappropriate, but way too funny not to share.
Have a great Monday!