Lost and Found

Posted on April 15, 2011


Another week bit the dust.  Woohoo!  Only eight weeks left until we say sayonara to SA and hello to the open road! 

Speaking of the open road…the astronomical gas prices are seriously bumming us out.  When we started planning over a year ago, we estimated the max price per gallon would be $3.25.  We were way off!


Before anyone thinks we added a new dogger to the mix, let us explain.  Several weeks ago, during an afternoon walk with Gus, we happened upon this gorgeous dogger running loose in our neighborhood.  It was sunny and pushing 80 degrees and this poor guy was wearing a sweater.  He was panting up a storm (obviously) and very friendly.  Not many strays we know of wear sweaters, so we knew he had to belong to someone.

We were able to corral him and used Gus’s leash to walk him back to our house.  After we gave him a much-needed drink of water and shed him of his sweater, we hopped in the car and headed to our vet’s office.  He didn’t have a collar or tags, but we hoped he was microchipped.  He wasn’t.  Sigh…

Can you tell Gus gets a bit freaked out when another dog is near his face?  It’s something we’ve been working on with him for awhile.  He is very face-sensitive!

We are happy to report that after a quick play session, we leashed up our new friend and took him for a walk around the neighborhood.  Sure enough, he led us directly to his house!  The person who answered the door said, “yeah, that’s our dog, hold on”, and then closed the door.  We seriously stood there for a full ten minutes before they reappeared.  We kindly (okay, maybe not that kindly) suggested that they keep a collar on him and refrain from dressing him in a sweater when it’s warm.

Oh yeah, here’s the best part.  When we asked what the sweet dog’s name was, they replied with, “Tupac”.  Totally awesome or totally lame?  You decide.


We wanted to take a minute to help spread the word about a great dog-friendly event in NYC.  Amber of the American Cancer Society contacted us and asked if we would share some information on their upcoming event. 

Join hundreds of dogs as their paws hit the pavement at the American Cancer Society’s
Bark For Life of New York City!  Together, dogs and their owners will be celebrating
the care giving qualities of canines, remembering loved ones lost and fighting back
against cancer.  There will be contests, activities, giveaways and so much more!
Registration is $20.

Sunday, May 1st, 2011
Riverside Park, NY
(W. 108th Street and Riverside Drive)

Sign up today: http://www.relayforlife.org/nycbark

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If you are in the NYC area, we highly recommend attending this event.  Not only will you be supporting a great organization, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to attend a fun event with your furry loved one!

Not in the NYC area but still want to help out?  Click here to make a donation.  Every dollar counts!


We hope you have a wonderful Friday!  We are taking the afternoon off and plan on visiting a few San Antonio gems as part of our “Farewell to Texas” tour.  Last Friday’s plan to visit the Japanese Tea Garden was thwarted when we ran into a snag applying for our passports.  Eek!  That’s what you get for waiting until the last-minute.  Gus and I might be waving at M from across the border!

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