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Posted on April 6, 2011


Happy Wednesday, blog friends!

For the antsy readers who already visually scanned through the post and are cursing us, let us explain…

M and I are both runners.  Approximately five years ago, we ditched our unhealthy ways and got back in shape.  We both put on weight during our college years (damn you, beer and vodka!) and were finally motivated enough to lose the extra pounds.

Running was one form of cardio we picked back up.  San Antonio has several great parks with trails and we often went on weekend mornings.  All was fine and dandy until we realized our running interfered with Gus’s park walks.  We were either walking him around the neighborhood and leaving him at home while we ran or driving to the park twice, once with Gus and once without.  Neither option was ideal.  Gus loves the park and it pained us to leave him behind.  It was also a major waste of time (and gas) to make the trip twice.  It didn’t take long for us to find an alternative option…

We found Solvit’s HoundAbout on Amazon and knew it was just the thing for us.  Luckily, the holidays were right around the corner and M’s parents were hounding (pun intended) us for gift ideas.  We sent them the link and voila! Gus’s new “car” arrived.

The bicycle wheels and all-around sturdy construction make the ride very smooth.  On a flat surface, it takes minimal effort to push Gus’s car along.

On the afternoon we snapped these photos, M and I ran along the San Antonio River Walk from the Pearl Brewery to Houston Street.  This section of the River Walk opened in 2009 and is part of the Museum Reach extension.  We love it and run here every Saturday morning.  It’s a weekly tradition we’ll miss terribly when we move.

Pop!  Goes the weasel!

As we were uploading these photos, we couldn’t get the tune from Pop! Goes the Weasel! out of our heads.  Gus is always very anxious to pop his head out and get all four paws back on the ground! 

Does Gus love riding in his HoundAbout?  No.  Does he tolerate it?  Yes.

He’s actually grown quite accustomed to his car and is usually content to sit inside and watch out his window.  Our runs are normally no longer than 45 minutes which is just about the maximum amount of time he’s willing to ride.  Anything longer than that and he starts to whimper.


  • It allows us to walk Gus and then throw him in his “car” while we run
  • Bicycle wheels make for a smooth ride
  • Plenty of pockets for keys, phones, water, treats, etc…
  • Excellent customer service – we needed a part replaced and Solvit shipped it very quickly
  • Mesh ventilation on all four sides
  • Plastic cover in case of rain – we have ran in the rain before.  M and I were drenched, but Gus was dry as a bone 🙂


  • Unlike the newer model (we’ve had ours for a few years), our HoundAbout does not convert into a bicycle trailer.  We would love it if it did.
  • Difficult to fold down for transport
  • Cup holder on handlebar tips easily – we normally use the insulated sleeve, so this is not a major issue
  • Price – approximately $200
  • The stigma of pushing a dog stroller

Honestly, the last item on the list is the worst part about his car.  We ALWAYS walk Gus for at least 45 minutes before we put him in his car and normally 20-30 minutes after our run.  Although we’ve received many very friendly, inquisitive comments and questions, we’ve definitely come across some people who find it appalling that we use this stroller.  We try to ignore the indignant remarks, but will fully admit it gets to us.  And really, the “awwww, look at the dog!” comments far exceed the negative ones. 

We’re considering making a large sign for the sign that reads, “don’t worry!  we already walked him!”. 😉

We plan on taking Gus’s car with us during our travels.  We’d like to run as often as possible and can already picture Gus hanging out in there during an early morning run down the Las Vegas Strip!


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Psst…we wanted to give you a sneak peek of the DIY camera strap we made last weekend.  We’ll upload and post the rest of the photos on Friday!


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