Kong SqueakAir Balls

Posted on April 4, 2011


Happy Monday!  We hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Ours flew by so fast and we weren’t nearly as productive as planned…but we never are. 😉  Instead of checking a few more items off our ever-growing to-do list, I spent the better part of Friday evening creating DIY camera strap covers and a cozy for our iPad 2.  The tutorial I found for the camera strap was surprisingly easy to follow and they all turned out so cute.  We’ll share photos of the finished products as soon as we have time to snap a couple. 😀


Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when we mentioned we were trying to cut back on frivolous spending?  No?  Neither do we.

In our defense, Barking Deals makes it way too easy to buy cute new toys for Gus.  These two Kong SqueakAir balls were only $2, shipping included!  Yeah, yeah, we know.  He didn’t need them.


Open wide…

Gus is now very familiar with our box window sill photo set-up.  He often hops up, expecting balls (or treats) to magically appear.  He always has to get a good look to make sure we didn’t forget anything.  Thanks Gus, you’re such a big help. 😉


Now, onto a fun announcement.  We plugged the near 100 (!) entries and bonus entries for the $40 PoopBags.com giveaway into Random.org last night.  And the winner is…

Beth and Tanner, who wrote…

Just visited Poopbags.com and read about Cinnamon May. I know just how they feel. We were always looking for bags to use. But, till I read your article, I never really thought about the footprint that poop bags were leaving. I guess we are most drooling over a supply of the poop bags and the dispenser too. That way, we can leave a smaller footprint with our poop too.

Congratulations, Beth and Tanner!  We will contact you via email with details on how to place your order!

A great big thank you to PoopBags.com for providing such a generous giveaway item!  *Hugs*

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