Posted on March 30, 2011

Happy Wednesday, friends!  We are SO excited to talk to you today about poop.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Poop.  Several months ago, we gushed about one of our all-time favorite companies, PoopBags.com.  We’ve been loyal customers for years and absolutely love their high-quality products and dedicated staff.  Not only are they animal lovers, they are also passionate about eco-friendly dog products.

Through our blog, we’ve had the pleasure of getting acquainted with PoopBags.com (Paige, you are amazing!) and they very generously offered to hook up a lucky reader with their choice of products!


From the PoopBags.com website:

Biodegradable Poop Bags by PoopBags.com meet the ASTM D6400 specification for biodegradability, and comply with biodegradable product claims in all 50 states.*First, let’s discuss the ramifications of dog waste and plastic:
– 4 million tons: It is estimated that dog owners do not collect over 4 million tons of dog waste annually.- 20-30% of all pollutants in waterways attributed to dog waste: Pollutants originating from rainwater run-off via sewer systems, and dogs pooping near watersheds or beaches. Overall, it is believed dog waste is third or fourth on the list of contributors to bacteria in contaminated waters.- 4th highest generated waste: Plastics are the fourth highest generated waste in the U.S., originate from petroleum which is non-renewable, do not biodegrade, and take thousands of years to break down. Paper, yard trimmings, and food scraps are the top three generated. However, all of them come from renewable resources.- Plastics are the least recycled with a 6.9% recovery rate. In 2006, the U.S. produced 29.5 million tons of plastic and only recycled 2.04 million tons.

Now, let’s get back to why you should use poop bags from PoopBags.com:
Various plastic bag manufacturers probably use the term “biodegradability” – shall we say – loosely and lightly. The ASTM D6400 specification puts a kibosh on all of that. Basically, the specification requires that the material is fully tested to ensure that it will degrade at a similar rate as an apple, and that no large plastic fragments should remain.

More than likely, the loose and light manufacturers’ bags do not meet biodegradable standards of any sort, and are just regular plastic bags. All in all, bag manufacturers – who claim their bags are biodegradable but do not meet the ASTM D6400 specification – are misleading consumers and are acting negligently towards the environment.

California’s law, SB 1749, maintains that bags should meet the ASTM D6400 specification for biodegradable product claims. Several other states are also instituting policies like California. PoopBags.com’s dog waste bags proudly meet this standard.

Additional Facts about Poop Bags:
– Made from a combination of corn and other renewable products.

– Shelf stable just like paper plates or paper towels.

– There are no chemical additives to enhance decomposition. The bags biodegrade naturally when exposed to the earth’s elements and micro-organisms in the soil.

– “Breathe” – allowing heat and moisture to escape or evaporate. This feature reduces bacterial build-up of collected waste, thus reducing odor.

– Will decompose in a commercial composting environment between 60 and 90 days after use. PoopBags.com strongly urges consumers not to place feces-filled bags into home composting systems or green bins as this could lead to E.coli contamination. Basically, dogs eat meat.

– Will decompose in a natural setting at an extended rate comparable to other naturally biodegradable materials, such as paper, leaves and food waste.

– If the poop bags are placed in an “open” or “turned” landfill they will decompose at a rate similar to other biodegradable materials in the same setting. If the landfill is anaerobic/locked, no biodegradable products will degrade – even banana peels.

*Please note this statement does not apply to the flushable bags.


We recently won a prize pack from the PoopBags.com Facebook page.  Not only did we win 200 bags, PoopBags.com also sent along The Honest Kitchen treats and samples.  What are you waiting for?  Like the PoopBags.com Facebook page for a chance at fun prizes!

Surprise, surprise.  It didn’t take long for Mr. Nosy Pants to come see what was going on.

We posted these photos of our PoopBags.com holder last November and can’t say enough about it.  It holds a ton of bags and even has a handy-dandy front pocket that we slide our keys and phone into.  Yes, we are proclaiming our love for an accessory with the word “poop” on it, and we’re totally fine with it. 😀


Although not necessary for today’s post, we thought it’d be helpful for you to see an actual PoopBag in action.  Yup, that’s a steamy bag of Gus poop from last weekend’s park walk.  What?  Too much? 😉

Disclosure:  We won 200 PoopBags through a PoopBags.com Facebook contest.  PoopBags also generously sent us a box of Honest Kitchen biscuits and several bags of Honest Kitchen samples.  We were not compensated for our post and the opinions are all our own.


Giveaway Details!

PoopBags generously offered to send one lucky reader up to $40 worth of PoopBags.com merchandise.  Wowzas!  Here’s how to snag yourself some fab PoopBags goodies:

  • Visit PoopBags.com and comment back on this post with the items you’re swooning over
  • Giveaway begins Wednesday, March 30th and ends at 5 p.m. Sunday, April 3rd
    • Side note, one member of our household (not Gus) turns 31 on Sunday, which means said person will change from thirty to thirty-something.  Sigh…
  • Winner will be selected using Random.org and announced on Monday, April 4th
  • Open to U.S. entrants only

Bonus Entry!

  • Answer the following question and comment back on this post with the answer:  Who was the inspiration behind PoopBags.com and served as Vice President of Product Testing?
    • Hint:  The answer can be found on the PoopBags About page

Good Luck and THANK YOU to PoopBags.com!

Update:  To clarify, in order to be entered to win the $40 PoopBags.com giveaway, you must comment on this post with the items you would select if chosen the winner.


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