Gus Update + Pet Insurance?

Posted on March 21, 2011


Our last couple of weeks spent worrying about Gus made us stop and reconsider pet insurance…again.

Let’s first rewind to Thursday.  Gus’s condition appeared to worsen after a couple of positive days at the beginning of the week.  Our fabulous vet, Dr. Kyzar, spoke to M on the phone for a full 20 minutes Thursday afternoon and suggested we drop him off at the office for a couple of hours on Friday.  He said it would give him a chance to examine Gus’s behavior and movement as he walked around.  This horrified us.  We don’t leave Gus anywhere, besides with family.  Ever.  We are not suggesting this is correct.  Our paranoia is extreme and often wish we weren’t such worry-warts.  But, that’s another story for another day. After some serious discussion, we decided it was in Gus’s best interest.  We recognized that not all vets are willing to go the extra mile and the offer was too good to refuse.

M dropped Gus off on Friday afternoon and before he left, Dr. Kyzar performed another exam.  Once again, Gus was stoic and displayed no signs of discomfort.  Although he was only away from home for approximately three hours, it felt like an eternity.  We received the call shortly before 5 p.m. to come back in.

The Good

Blood work:  Results were clean with the exception of signs of dehydration.  This was not surprising as we often have difficulty getting Gus to drink enough water.  M mentioned he didn’t see him drink a lick all day.  Side note:  If you have suggestions on how we can increase Gus’s water consumption, please let us know!

The Bad

Ultrasound:  Dr. Kyzar noticed Gus has an unusually small kidney.  Although the findings were incidental and may never cause any problems, it can lead to shunts that cause vomiting and/or seizures.  OMG.  Please, please, please let it never cause him any problems.

The Inconclusive

X-Rays:  There is a suspected area of inflammation on Gus’s back.  However, Dr. Kyzar cautioned the findings were possibly caused by Gus’s body position during the x-ray.  Sigh…we are not fans of inconclusive results.  The x-rays also showed Gus’s belly was slightly gassy (sorry if that’s TMI).

The Plan of Attack

Dr. Kyzar recommended continuing Gus’s dose of two 1/2 pills of Novax per day through today.  He also recommended administering 1/4 tablet of Pepcid to settle Gus’s upset stomach.  When we inquired on activity, he suggested to walk Gus only if he appears ready for one (i.e. standing by the door) and only playing if Gus initiates it.  We were instructed to monitor his progress and follow-up at the end of the week.

We’re happy to report that Gus was fairly active over the weekend and we even saw a decent amount of tail wagging.  We missed our happy-go-lucky little man and were so relieved to see him improve!


Geesh…we really didn’t intend to be so wordy.  Hope you didn’t fall asleep while reading this. 😉  Besides sharing our Gus update, we also wanted to ask your opinion on pet insurance.  Although we’ve often considered purchasing insurance, we’ve never moved forward with it.  The last couple of anxiety-ridden weeks reminded us to revisit the topic.  Our last vet bill was over $200 and that was only for the x-rays and blood work.  Dr. Kyzar did not charge us for the ultrasound or the actual exam.  We did not complain about the cost or ask for any type of concession and are always willing to pay any necessary charges to determine whatever is ailing Gus.  We think he did this out of the kindness of his heart and we appreciated it.  That being said, the bill could have easily been so much more.  What are your thoughts?  Does your pet have insurance?  If so, are you satisfied with your plan?

We intend to compare all the different plans and will post our findings on the blog.  You know how much we I love a good chart. 😀  Until then, here a few photos we snapped of Gus over the weekend…

Thanks again, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the sweet comments and words of encouragement.  Not in our wildest dreams did we imagine blogging would lead to finding such wonderful people.  You guys are amazing!

We appreciate you hanging in there with us and promise to blog about more happy topics soon!

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