Change of Plans…

Posted on March 16, 2011


According to Gus, this week has been a roller coaster of emotions:

Good:  His dad is home all week for spring break

Bad:  No walks or trips to the park because of his back

Good:  We’ve had four house showings in four days

Good:  Another showing is schedule for this afternoon (!)

Bad:  The tragic events in Japan

Good:  Lots of extra snuggle-time

Good:  His grandparents are visiting today

Bad:  His grandparents leave tomorrow

Good:  Daily pills are hidden in delicious roast beast

Good:  His back is starting to feel better!


Due to several unexpected events, we had to change our plans for today’s post.  House showings are stressful and chew up a ton of time.  Not only is there the time spent cleaning, it also means we’re out of the house for sometimes several hours at a time.  We normally spend the time walking Gus around the neighborhood, but because of his back, we’ve spent it stalking the potential buyers from our car down the street.  Yup, we just admitted that.

So instead, we’re posting a few photos we took of Gus over the past week during his recovery.  When he’s not stomping his paws, sad that we won’t play with whatever toy he’s dug out of his tunnel, he’s snoozing.  Hopefully, all the rest will pay off.

M and I moved our mattress to the floor in our bedroom.  We know, we know…that might be a bit extreme.  Gus has steps up to our bed, but he’s in no condition to go up and down.  It sort of feels like we’re having a week-long slumber party.  We really should add blanket tents. 🙂

The sun really picks up the wispy hairs on his side and back.  We love the fine, black hairs that grow longer than the rest.  We’re always sad to see them go when he gets a hair cut.

Trimming these out of control Grinch feet is high on our list of things to do when Gus is fully recovered.  Yikes!

And…we’re off!  M’s parents are stopping in San Antonio for the day/night on their trek back to Iowa.  Keeping the monster calm when he sees his grandparents will be the ultimate challenge.  He likes to dart around like a mad man when he sees visitors.  We definitely don’t want to undo the progress he’s made with his back injury.  Wish us luck!


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Psst…stay tuned in the coming week for a fun giveaway!  We have a couple of things we’re really excited to share with you!

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