Barking Deals

Posted on March 14, 2011


Before we get to today’s post, we want to express our sincere thanks for all the sweet “get well soon” wishes for Gus over the past few days.  It’s so comforting to hear from you all and your kindness gives us warm fuzzies.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful blog friends!


We’ve seen Barking Deals mentioned around the blog world for several months now, so this post may come as no surprise to many of you.  We first heard about Barking Deals through a tweet from @PhetchedPsst…if you’re not already following Phetched on their blog and on Twitter, you’re missing out!

Barking Deals is a social purchase program very similar to Groupon and Living Social.  A pet-related item is offered daily at a reduced price, normally 50% or more off of retail.  The price includes free shipping and the purchase process is a breeze.  Maybe a little too easy, if you know what I mean. 😉

We’re suckers for fun product packaging and Barking Deals doesn’t disappoint.  The graphic, font and tagline are so cute!

We’ve already blogged about Gus’s love for PureBites liver treats, so when we saw this offer for 2 containers of Liver Bits for $8, we couldn’t pass it up.  Here’s what we like about Liver Bits:

  • One ingredient:  100% Beef Liver
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Sourced and manufactured in the U.S.

Excuse my dry, chapped hands.  Eeek!

**Warning**  Daily email offers for heavily discounted dog items is very dangerous for a self-professed, semi-addicted online shopper like myself.  Although Gus surely wouldn’t mind a Barking Deals box arriving every day, M might begin to raise his eyebrows.  You’ve been warned.


We wanted to share a few photos we snapped over the weekend while Gus was recovering.  We posted a few of these on Facebook, but thought we’d share them here too.  Gus was so sad on Friday that he spent most of the day hiding under the bed.  We think he was afraid someone would touch him and wanted to stay out of sight.  The glimpse of his little Grinch foot sticking out was too cute not to photograph.

Approximately 20 minutes after the paw photo uploaded to Facebook, he emerged!  We’re convinced it was because of all the sweet comments we received. 🙂

On Saturday, in between house showings (we had three this weekend!), we made him a nest on the floor with a sofa cushion.  He normally snoozes next to us, but was in no condition to jump and we’ve tried to handle him as little as possible.  It took him awhile to get settled – every noise outside grabbed his attention.  It was a beautiful weekend, weather-wise, and we know he missed his walks. 😦

Gus is most frequently found curled up in a ball when he’s sleeping, but due to his back injury, he’s been sleeping all stretched out.

Snapping photos while Gus rested gave me a great chance to practice with our camera.  We’re finally getting around to playing with aperture.  The next couple of photos look identical at first glance, but are slightly different.  Can you tell the difference between the two?  We have a long way to go, but want to learn as much as possible before our travels!


We hope you all have a great week!  M is off all week for spring break and it couldn’t be better timing.  Gus is still restricted as far as his activity level goes, and it’s difficult to make sure he stays immobile.  I have a feeling the week will turn into an epic snuggle-fest. 🙂

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