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Posted on March 11, 2011


According to Gus, his mom’s Type A, controlling personality will shine through on today’s post.

We intended to blog about something much more uplifting today.  After all, it’s Friday (woohoo!) and serious blog topics are not nearly as fun.  However, after the week we’ve had, we thought there was no better time to share this with you.

On Tuesday evening, we noticed Gus was acting melancholy and abnormally clingy.  He is not one to cuddle, but this particular night all he wanted to do was sit on our laps.  We also noticed his tail was between his legs which is always a sure-fire sign something is up.  On Wednesday, I picked him up to set him on the sofa and he let out the most horrific squeal.  It was mortifying.  We called our vet and were lucky enough to be squeezed in yesterday.  We heart Dr. Kyzar.  He’s caring, comforting and always takes his time.  He gave Gus a thorough exam and concluded that Gus probably hurt his back.  Sigh…  We’re the type that like definitive answers and hoped to hear a simple, straight-forward prognosis.  We were sent home with a prescription of Novax and instructions to limit Gus’s activity for a week.  It’ll be difficult for Gus to go without his 3x daily walks, but we must follow Dr. Kyzar’s orders.  We’ll keep you posted.

Thank you, Dr. Kyzar and the entire staff at Community Pet Health Center.  We will miss you terribly when we move!

On a very selfish note, Gus is avoiding me like the plague since I’m the one who picked him up and caused him further pain.  It’s breaking my heart. 😦


Okay, on to what this post is really about…Gus’s medical blog.  We created this a couple of years ago while going through a very frustrating time dealing with Gus’s allergies.  It’s a great way for us to document any medical issues Gus is dealing with and we love that we’re able to access it on-the-go.  This is especially helpful during vet visits.  We can pull up his medical blog on our phones and provide Dr. Kyzar with all the pertinent details.  It also allows us to easily enter new information during the appointment or any other time we’re away from home.  Is it excessive?  Yeah, maybe.  Does it keep us me sane?  Yes.  Well, mostly. 😉

The blog has four sections:

  • Home Page:  includes a running history (by date) of all medical issues.  We update this once a week on Fridays unless an issue comes up (like this week)
  • Vet Info:  includes name, address and phone number of our vet along with all the closest emergency animal hospitals
  • Heimlich for Dogs:  includes instructions for the Heimlich maneuver + CPR
  • Rx History:  includes history of all medications ever prescribed to Gus

Vet information is something we always leave behind if M and I are out-of-town.  That along with 2-page detailed instructions and directions to the nearest emergency animal hospital.  Paranoid much?

Heimlich and CPR for dogs are both things we hope to NEVER perform, but nonetheless, we want the information easily available if the situation ever arises.

Ahhhh, we heart our Google Calendars.  Not only do we keep track of all of our personal events, we also have a separate “Gus” calendar linked to our account.  It’s great for routine items such as heartworm and flea meds, monthly baths, ear cleaning and vet appointments.  Although Gus wishes we’d forget everything we just mentioned, thanks to our trusty calendar + text message reminders, we’ll never forget.

Instead of linking to Gus’s medical blog, we chose to only post screenshots.  We figured you wouldn’t really want to read that on August 26, 2010, Gus’s poop was slightly green.  You’re welcome.

So, what’s the verdict?  Are we crazy-meticulous, or just plain crazy?  How do you manage your furry loved one’s medical information?

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