Word Whiz Wednesday #13: Greenies

Posted on March 9, 2011


Fact: When Gus was a puppy, we were hesitant to give him Greenies because we were afraid he would choke.  Our paranoia was so extreme that we took the Greenie away after he chewed it down to a nubbin.  Yeah, we were those kind of puppy parents.  Luckily for Gus, he now enjoys his Greenies from start to finish without worrying his evil, paranoid parents will snatch it from him.

Fact: We didn’t buy Gus a birthday present this year.  Gasp!  M and I agreed (albeit, begrudgingly) to skip buying Gus a new toy this birthday.  We’re moving and starting our travels in three months (yikes!) and are trying not to accumulate anything unnecessary.

Fact: Gus still had three unopened Christmas presents tucked away in our closet.  One of said presents was a box of Greenies that he happily unwrapped on Monday for his birthday snack.

Fact: Gus loves Greenies and will stop dead in his tracks if anyone mentions the word.  We refer to them as “G-R’s” when we’re being sneaky.

Fact: The birthday boy enjoyed a lovely, snuggly day with us on Monday.  Everyone at home + extra snuggles + a Greenie = Happy Gus

Fact: Our blog friends rule.  Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes for Gus!

[Side note:  Am I the only one who obsessively googles words to check for spelling?  “Nubbin” just didn’t look right to me until good ‘ol Merriam Webster reassured me all was a-ok.  Whatever you do, ignore Urban Dictionary on this one.]

Awwww….puppy Gus started to get sleepy midway through his Greenie.  “I want to keep chewing, but I’m just. so. tired.”.

We can tell he’s really getting his chew on when his eyes start to close.  “Greenie, you are mine!”

If you look closely in the next photo, you’ll notice little spit bubbles flying out of his mouth.  Although we normally don’t get excited about Gus’s saliva, we were pretty stoked when we saw this amount of detail.  We heart our camera and learn something new almost daily.  If you ever have any tips or suggestions to help us improve, we’d love to hear it!

Now that we’ve shared Gus’s knowledge and love of the word Greenie, we’re curious…is your dog a fan of Greenies?  We’re skeptical of the dental benefits and wonder if you feel the same?


It’s Wednesday and time to head over to BlogPaws for their Wordless Wednesday Linky.  We’ll update our post with the code when it’s available.  Happy Hopping!

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