Livin’ on the Edge

Posted on February 28, 2011


Where did the weekend go?  For reals, people.  It feels like we just posted our excitement for Friday.  Of course, the weekend does fly by if you waste spend five + hours watching the Oscar‘s.  We’re talking pre-pre show, pre show and the entire awards show.  Thank goodness for DVR’s and the ability to fast-forward through awkward acceptance speeches (Melissa Leo, we’re talking to you!).

Yesterday, M and I realized we only have 14 weekends left before we depart for our travels (and move!).  Yikes!  There are so many things left for us to do and enjoy before we leave.  Of course, being the Type A control freak that I am, I immediately opened a Google doc and drafted a list.  What can I say, it made me feel better. 😉


Immediately after we snapped this photo, all we could see was Steven Tyler.  We’ve been watching this season of American Idol (one of our guilty pleasures) and welcome the addition of Steven Tyler to the judges panel.  One look at this photo convinced us Gus was singing/screaming/shrieking a la Steven Tyler.  Plus, the song title sums up the chaos that is our lives right now. 🙂

Now that we’ve made this correlation, we’ll never look at Gus the same way when he yawns. 😉

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