Dog Friendly Travel: Lawrence, Kansas

Posted on February 26, 2011


Happy Saturday, blog friends!

M’s bug is still here and he’s worried it’s strep throat.  Yuck.  I’ve tried to quarantine him into a separate room in the house, but he keeps weaseling his way back into the family room.  Besides washing everything he’s touched and slept on, I’m also following him around with (non-toxic) disinfectant spray.  There are lots of viruses going around and I’m bound and determined to avoid it!  Luckily for Gus, he’ll receive his beloved park walks as usual this weekend.  Nothing stops us from making sure Gus receives his daily exercise. 🙂


Last summer we drove back to Iowa to visit our family.  Besides when we first moved to San Antonio, it was our first time to make the drive.  Normally we fly (Gus has flown seven times!), but we thought driving would be a good trial run for our travels this year.  It was interesting to say the very least.  The best part about the drive was getting to stop and visit a bunch of fabulous places.

Welcome to…Lawrence, Kansas!

We love college towns.  We lived in Iowa City, IA before we moved to San Antonio and desperately miss the culture and overall vibe of living in a college town.  We figured Lawrence would be a great place to stop and stretch our legs.  It didn’t disappoint.

Mmmmmm…we love Boulevard Wheat.  A stop in Kansas City to tour Boulevard Brewing is on the list of things to do during our travels.

Ummm…what an awesome bar name.  Sadly, I just googled it and it’s now closed.  Apparently they couldn’t find enough Jo Shmo’s in Lawrence to keep it running.  😦

If you ever find yourself in Lawrence during your travels, we highly recommend stopping for a walk.  We saw several dogs out walking and our only regret (besides not stopping at Jo Shmo’s) is that we didn’t stop during  lunch time.


We hope you have a great weekend!  The temperature in San Antonio reached 86 degrees on Thursday!  Unfortunately, many of you are getting another round of snow.  Stay warm!

We’re participating in today’s Saturday Pet Blogger Hop.  Please click on the image and thank our wonderful hosts.  We’ll also add the Linky at the bottom of this post when it’s available.  Happy Hopping!

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