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Posted on February 18, 2011


Happy Friday, blog friends!  We don’t know about you, but we are so glad the weekend is almost here.  Our to-do list is a mile long and we’re anxious to put a big check mark next to some of our tasks.  Planning for a multi-month trip around the U.S. and Canada is a daunting task, but we’re slowly making our way through our extremely tall stack of  travel books.  We hope to post our proposed itinerary for the western portion of our trip in a couple of weeks.

Besides keeping our noses buried in travel books, we’ll also take Gus on his normal weekend park walks and keep our fingers crossed for more house showings.  M and I also have plans to attend the San Antonio Rodeo at the AT&T Center.  Neither of us are what you would call rodeo fans, but the tickets are free and in a corporate suite (free food and beer!).  Besides, there’s nothing like the smell of fresh manure on a Saturday afternoon. 😉


We wanted to share something today that recently arrived for Gus.  In December, we received notification from FIDO Friendly that we won a $100 (!) gift certificate to 2 Hounds Design.  Prior to starting this blog, M and I never won anything…and then, poof!  The last couple of months we were lucky winners on a number of fabulous blog giveaways.  Gus is definitely our good luck charm.

It never takes very long for a certain nosy dogger to come moseying in to see what’s going on.  He was clearly disappointed I was photographing his new collar and leash instead of liver treats and biscuits.

It took us me FOREVER to decide which collar design to choose.  If only I would’ve thought to post my favorites on the blog like we did for the blanketID tag.  I even delegated the leash color decision to the friendly folks at 2 Hounds Design.  Luckily, they made a fantastic choice and saved me anxiety over choosing.

Speaking of the leash…check out the swanky purple velvet!  We may have to save this lush collar and leash combo for days when Gus wants to impress the ladies at the dog park. 😉

Please excuse our grumpy model.  Gus was not in a cooperative mood while we snapped these photos.  We took them last Saturday right before we left for the park and Gus kept giving us the pathetic “more pictures?” glare.


Hurry up, mom.  I want to go to the park!

We decided to share our good fortune with Gus’s third-cousin, Winston.  Jenny selected the über chic Rockabilly collar.  Stay tuned for a photo of Winston rockin’ his new collar!

Thank you, FIDO Friendly and 2 Hounds Design for the beautiful collars and leash.  Gus and Winston both look incredibly dapper in their new duds!

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