Magical Mystery Mutt Tour Update

Posted on February 11, 2011


According to Gus, his mom should find better things to do with her time, like making another batch of Parmesan Mini Meatballs, instead of creating pie charts.

We had so much fun last Friday with the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour, that we decided to post an update with the comment results.  As soon as the guesses started rolling in, I began daydreaming of creating tables, charts and queries of the data.  M explained that this is not normal behavior and my urge to schedule the votes is a result of my finance/accounting background.  Is he trying to say I’m the only one who immediately opened an Excel document and started plunking in numbers?  Please tell me he’s wrong. 😉

In an effort to avoid totally geeking out on financial jargon, I limited myself to one (lonely) pie chart.  As you can see, Pekingese and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel were the overwhelming winners.  Gus did receive a few votes for “100 % Cuteness” and one for “Rock Star”.  He’s a little miffed that 100% Cuteness didn’t score a bigger piece of the pie.  He obviously thinks very highly of himself.

We weren’t surprised by the large number of Pekingese votes as we’re pretty certain there’s a fair amount of Peke in him.  We also expected the high volume of Cavalier King Charles and Tibetan Spaniel votes.  We’ve been told several times by purebred parents that he resembles those two Spaniel breeds.  What we were surprised by was the large number of Pug/Puggle votes.  Gus?  Part Pug?  Possibly.

In related news, look what arrived via Fed Ex earlier this week!  A couple of days before the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour, PetSafe tweeted they’d send ten (participating MMMT) bloggers their Brand Identification DNA Kit.  We tweeted them our information and were one of the lucky ten.  It looks like our beloved “mystery dog” will not be a mystery much longer.  In the end, Gus’s genetic make-up makes no difference to us.  He’s 100% loved and that’s all that matters.

We haven’t opened the box yet…stay tuned for the official “swab” of Gus’s DNA.  Maybe we’ll don CSI vests with Grissom our names stitched across the chest. 😉


Okay, enough of the boring pie chart and product photos.  It’s Friday and we’re dying to share a few puppy photos.  M and I often say to each other, “I’d pay $xxx just to have puppy Gus back for 15 minutes”.  As a side note, I’ve been known to say I’d pay $1,000!  We’re always amazed when we look back at old photos and see how much he changed from one week to the next.

This first photo is just ridiculous.  How is it possible that he was ever this small?!  He was snoozing (very inappropriately) on the sofa and hardly takes up any space on the cushion.

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we chose a red heart as Gus’s privacy patch for today.  Ahhhh!!!  I just want to reach through the screen and poke that little pink belly and nuzzle those curly knees!

This next photo is out of focus, but we love it too much not to share.  The pads on his paws were oh-so tiny!

What are your thoughts?  Did you enjoy puppy time or were you glad when it was over?

In full disclosure, M was responsible for the vast majority of Gus’s training.  I’m sure my puppy perspective would be different if I was the one who took Gus outside every hour and cleaned up all the accidents!

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