Posted on February 9, 2011


Several months ago while blog reading, we came across a dog product we’d never heard of before, blanketID tags.  We’re extremely paranoid dog parents and are always looking for ways to ensure Gus’s safety and well-being.  That includes covering our bases in the event Gus ever goes missing.  As a side note, typing that last sentence sent shudders down my spine.  My heart breaks every time we see a missing pet poster. 😦


Here’s a quick overview from blanketID’s website on how their tags work…

1. Register your tag

Enter your unique blanketID number to activate your membership.

2. Enter your details

Create an online record of your contact details together with photos and details of your pet. You can change and update this information as often as you choose.

3. If your pet gets lost…

Report your pet missing and automatically sends a broadcast email to local SPCA, animal hospitals, shelters, other local blanketID members. The email links to your online information so that everybody has 24/7 access to a full description and photos to help identify your lost pet.

4. If your pet is found…

At any time of day or night, the finder simply needs to enter the blanketID tag number at to gain immediate access to all of the information they need to care for and safely return your pet.


Very cool, right?  If you want to learn more about blanketID tags, click here for their FAQ page.

Here’s the scoop…blanketID is running a special the entire month of February that includes an additional two years of membership (for a total of three years) included with the purchase of a blanketID tag.  Wowzas…what a deal!  When we saw this offer on their blog, we knew now was the time to order our tag.

So, why are we going on and on about blanketID tags?  We need your help!  blanketID has SO many adorable designs and M quickly grew tired of me asking, “this one or this one” and suggested I share the choices on the blog.  Hmmm….great idea.  Why didn’t I think of that? I’m including photos (courtesy of blanketID) of my five favorites and are seeking your opinion.  Which design is screaming Gus’s name?


Gingham Orange


Plaid Green


Thanks for saving our marriage helping us choose Gus’s tag.  We hope we never have to use the blanketID tag for reasons other than Gus’s desire to be more stylish.  Apparently, after we added the pink skull charms to his collar, he decided he needed some boyish colors for balance.

We highly recommend following blanketID’s blog for tons of über cute dog and cat products.  We’ve been swooning over these heart Woolies and Cat Hats ever since we spotted them on their blog.  We could all use some more daily cute in our lives, right?  Click here for the RSS feed.

We obviously can’t hit publish without a plethora of Gus photos, so we’re including a few from way back in June of 2005.  We posted a photo of him wearing his hat on our Magical Mystery Mutt Tour post and thought it’d be fun to include the rest of the photos from that day.  We soooo wish the hat still fit him!

Eeek!  He’s clearly not happy with his new head gear.  Please take this hat off of me!

It wasn’t until we dug up these photos that we realized he’s had the same purple heart tag for so long.  It looks so much tinier now that he has a big, manly, hairy chest. 🙂

It’s Wednesday and time to thank BlogPaws for their Wordless Wednesday Linky!  We love seeing all the wordless (and not so wordless) posts featuring cute doggers.  Happy Hopping!

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