2011 San Antonio Blizzard

Posted on February 7, 2011


If you hadn’t already guessed, the title of our post is dripping with sarcasm.  The winter weather San Antonio experienced overnight last Thursday was FAR from blizzard-like.  As we mentioned in Saturday’s post (you should check it out, it’s a yummy recipe!), it was more of a dusting of snow.  Nonetheless, it was enough to shut down the entire city.  All major roadways (IH 35, IH10, etc…) were closed for approximately 12 hours.  By 7 am, the sun was shining and there was blue sky for miles, but the roads were still closed.  It was bizarre…

All the schools in and around the San Antonio area were closed which meant a snow day for M.  He hadn’t had a snow day since we moved from Iowa almost seven years ago and welcomed it with open arms.  The best part…it was a Friday.  3-day weekend, baby!

Once we coaxed Gus out of bed, we grabbed the camera and headed outside.  Gus has experienced snow before during visits back to Iowa in the winter, but never in his own backyard.  We wondered if he’d even notice…


Hmmmm…this seems weird.  This wasn’t here last night when I came out to “go do it“.

Awww…you can even see a little snow on the pad of his paw!

Have you taken enough photos, Mom?  It’s cold out here and I’m ready to go inside!

We ventured out in the front to check out the snow-dusted roofs and driveways in our neighborhood.  Gus had enough of the cold and opted to stay inside.  He peered out the window while staying toasty warm inside.  Smart dogger. 🙂

Not surprisingly, Gus spent most of the “snow” day snoozing away on the sofa.  After his walks, he immediately hopped back up on his pillow pedestal and snuggled in.  What a rough life. 😉

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