Magical Mystery Mutt Tour

Posted on February 4, 2011


When we read about the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour, we knew we had to get in on the action.  We already lovingly refer to Gus as our “mystery dog” and have often considered DNA testing to reveal his genetic make-up.

One of the first questions we’re asked (after they oooh and ahhh over his extreme cuteness) when we meet new dogger friends is about Gus’s breed.  M and I glance at each other and then shrug our shoulders.  We tell them what we think he is and what our vets have suggested, but that we’re not 100% sure.  Then we gush about him for the next ten minutes and probably make them wish they never stopped to ask us. 😉

Thank you, Will My Dog Hate Me?, Peggy’s Pet Place and I Still Want More Puppies for putting this blog hop together!  We’re looking forward to hopping along to guess what makes up all the other fabulous mystery mutts.  As a warning, I’m not all that familiar with dog breeds (I wasn’t a dog person until Gus) and will probably make a fool out of myself with my guesses on other blogs!

The rules for the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour are as follows:

  • Write a post about your dog
  • Include at least two photos (shamelessly post Gus photos?  Yes, please.)
  • Include height/weight (Gus’s weight, not mine…phew)
  • Include personality traits

Gus weighs approximately 14 1/2 pounds and stands a whopping 13 inches tall.

M and I decided to rattle off the first words we thought of when we think of Gus.  Here’s the first ten that popped into our heads:

  • Playful
  • Stubborn
  • Inquisitive
  • Anxious
  • Loving
  • Grumpy (when he’s sleepy)
  • Sneaky
  • Attached
  • Smart (he knows a gazillion words!)
  • Attentive

We decided it was necessary to include a variety of photos in order for you to make the best educated guess on Gus’s mystery DNA concoction.  Besides, we never miss an opportunity to share his handsome mug. 🙂

Gus with a terrifying cobra snake…

Gus in a bowl…

Gus in a hat…

Gus with his archnemesis cousin, Little Debbie…

Seriously, can’t you just sense Debbie’s disdain for Gus in this photo?  She was leaning as far away from him as possible!

Snoozy Gus…

Caricature Gus…

I always tell M that he looks like Bob Saget in this print…he doesn’t find it amusing.

Ferocious Gus…

Peekaboo Gus…

Happy Gus…

And last but certainly not least, Gus peeing…

Hey, you need to be able to see all sides of Gus, right?!

Thanks so much for checking out our post.  We look forward to hearing what you think makes up our mystery dog!

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See you tomorrow for the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop.  We’re posting another homemade dog treat recipe + photo tutorial!  It’s a doozy. 🙂

P.S.  As I’m writing this post, the entire city of San Antonio is buzzing about the possibility of snow.  M’s school already canceled games, businesses are discussing “emergency” closure plans and the grocery stores are packed!  As former Iowans, we find all of this absolutely silly, but entertaining nonetheless!

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