80 Degrees in January?!

Posted on January 31, 2011


The temperature reached almost 80 degrees in San Antonio yesterday!  It was downright balmy with the cloudless sky and the warm breeze.  We took full advantage of the mild temps and spent as much time outside with the dogger as possible.  Gus was utterly exhausted by Sunday afternoon and spent the rest of the day snoozing away.

Here’s a fun fact:  when the mercury rises, Gus is nowhere to be found.  Ever since he was a puppy he’s been hiding underneath sofas, chairs and beds.  We think he goes under where it’s dark and cool, but you never can tell for sure with him.

We snapped the following photo in May of 2005.  He was so little he could practically walk right under the sofa.  Awww…puppy Gus.

The next photos were taken yesterday.  We looked all over the house and finally found him in our bedroom…under the bed.

Gus finally grew tired of all the camera clicks and moved onto a new resting spot.  He was visibly annoyed that I followed him into the family room.  Oh yeah, he’s definitely giving me evil eyes.

Gus wishes the camera would somehow get thrown down the street.  Maybe we better keep it locked up when we’re not home. 😉

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