Pet Ag Giveaway Winner!

Posted on January 21, 2011


According to Gus, a box full of treats and chews from Doggies and Stuff and Pet Ag should arrive every day.

During the Holiday Hop for Pets Giveaway, we entered a drawing from Doggies and Stuff for an assortment of chews and a bag of DogSlim Bites.  We were one of ten winners!  The box arrived last week and we finally got a chance to dig in and see what was inside.  Holy cow!  It was stuffed to the brim!


Gus is already a fan of the DogSlim Low Calorie Bites.  It’s larger in size than he normally gets, but it’s a great treat to give him while we’re exercising.  It keeps him entertained and off of our stomachs when we’re in the middle of crunches!

Once the bag of treats was open, it didn’t take long for a certain curious dogger to come trotting into the kitchen.  He decided he needed to get up close and personal to get a good sniff.

Little did he know that I was going to make him sit for a posed photo…Hehe.


After licking the chew like a lollipop for a few minutes, he finally started to chew.  He’s never had a rawhide this shape before…we think it weirded him out at first.

dd d

Thank you Doggies and Stuff!  Gus doesn’t know it yet, but we’ll be sharing the larger rawhide chews with his dogger friends.  A few of the bones were as big as his head!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday.  We hate to wish our days away, but man it feels good when Friday rolls around!  See you tomorrow for the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!


UPDATE:  Doreen at Doggies and Stuff has kindly allowed us to share our good fortune.  On Sunday evening, we will select a comment on this post (using and send the unopened bag of medium rawhide chews to one reader (U.S and Canada).  Click here to view the medium rawhide assorted pack.  We’ve had so much fun since joining the dog blogging community and would love to share our winnings.  Thanks for reading!


UPDATE II:  We just entered all the comments into…congratulations to Helen!  We will send Helen an email for her mailing address.  Spike and Dru will love these rawhide chews!

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