Word Whiz Wednesday #9: Gus Blanket

Posted on January 19, 2011


According to Gus, his Gus Blanket is one of his most prized possessions.

When Gus was a puppy he received this blanket from his Aunt Shannon and Uncle Steve.  It was included in the very first package he ever received in the mail.  You can see more photos of his first package here.  When Shannon found out we were bringing Gus home she immediately whipped together his first blanket.  She’s mortified whenever we mention his (and our) love for the blanket because it was quickly made with material she had on-hand…a piece of fleece and a kitchen towel.  We don’t care what it was made of…we all love it.  It’s 5+ years old and is as beloved today as it was the day it arrived.

After Gus climbs into bed each night, we tell him “go lay on your Gus Blanket”, and he does exactly that.  When we travel, his Gus Blanket is always packed in his bag.  It will definitely be on the packing list for our trip this year.  We can’t imagine Gus going to bed each night without it!

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without an entire photo gallery!  Let’s just say Gus is VERY used to having his picture taken.  You know we don’t miss an excuse to post photos…especially those taken when he was a puppy!  These first few were taken the day his Gus Blanket arrived.  He gave it a good sniff and head rub.

Ahhhhhh!!!  Look at those curly ears and the fuzzy puppy fur!

These next photos were taken just yesterday.  Gus was doing what he does best…snoozing.

Although the edges are a bit tattered, it continues to be his favorite.  It comes to bed with him every night and is neatly rolled over a few times and made into his pillow.  Spoiled?  Obviously.

We love close-up shots of Gus’s face.  It highlights his white eyebrows.  We like to call him our “little old man”.

When I was uploading the photos I had just taken, I looked over and saw Gus doing this…

What was he doing?  Stretching?  Hamming it up for the camera?  Who knows…he’s a weirdo sometimes. 😉

Does your dogger have a special blanket or pillow?  Gus hopes he’s not the only one who still sleeps with his baby blanket!


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