National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Posted on January 14, 2011


According to Gus, he’d like to lift his leg and pee on whoever decided January 14th was National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Unfortunately for Gus, we are well aware of today’s date and couldn’t resist the opportunity to post a few photos.  Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for Gus to thank his second cousin Winston for the fabulous Christmas present.

We love this jacket.  Not only does it have an adorable hoodie (perfect for rainy days), it also has a notch on the back for his harness, a pouch for holding PoopBags and it all folds up when not in use.  Gus loves the jacket most when it’s not in use.

Check out the skull and bones on the back.  Gus needs any help he can get to toughen up his image.  The other doggers in the neighborhood are starting to call him a mama’s boy.

The jacket even covers his looong back.  We like to call him our long duck dogger.  Sixteen Candles, anyone?

Thank you so much, Jenny and Winston!  It’s a perfect fit and gave us a great excuse to dress Gus up for National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

We hope you all have a terrific Friday.  We have a 3-day weekend and couldn’t be more excited about it!  See you tomorrow!

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