Word Whiz Wednesday #7: Raccoon

Posted on January 5, 2011


According to Gus, Raccoon is one of his favorite new Christmas toys.

After spotting these stuffing-free dog toys all over the blogosphere, we finally gave in and purchased one as a Christmas present for Gus from Bed Bath & Beyond.  It’s not a store we normally shop at for Gus items, but we were enticed with a 20% off coupon that saved us an extra couple of dollars (yippee for good deals!).

We’ve blogged before about Gus’s love for Cobra, so we thought this similarly shaped toy would be right up his alley.  It most definitely was.

This last photo is one of our favorites from our gift-opening morning.  Check out the crazed look in his eyes and his right ear flying off to the side!  It was obviously a very intense game of tug.

We always teach Gus the name of his toy right after we give it to him.  This particular toy is named Racoon.  I know, how original of us.

These are the steps we use to train new toy names:

  1. Ask Gus to sit and stay
  2. Wave new toy back and forth while saying its name…”raccoon, racoon, racoon”
  3. Throw new toy and tell Gus to “go get raccoon”
  4. Once he grabs new toy, say “good boy get raccoon, Gus!”

Unfortunately, I can’t recall where we picked this up from so I’m unable to give the source proper credit.  We’ve used these same steps since Gus was a puppy and it’s worked well for us!

Here are some highlights of Gus’s new furry friend:

  • No stuffing
  • 2 squeakers
  • Machine washable (this is a plus, since Gus loves to suckle on Raccoon…it’s very odd)

Hope you’re all having a great week!  After having so many days off over the holidays, this week has been rough.  We’re still stuck in vacation mode!  I’ve yet to get through our Christmas photos, so I truly may be blogging about our holiday in May!

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