Pink Skull + Spoiled Pet Charms

Posted on December 31, 2010



I unknowingly hit publish on this unfinished-post last Friday.  Oops!  I updated the post to give thanks to the wonderful blog we received the charms from and an update to our busy week!

This week flew by SO FAST for us.  Here’s a few things we’ve done since our last post.

  • Austin – Day-trip to visit the LBJ Presidential Library + REI and Patagonia shopping + Gus-friendly lunch!
  • Six Flags – Holiday in the Park
  • River Walk + The Alamo – Another 6+ mile walk day.  Gus LOVED it!
  • Brewery tour at Ranger Creek

Needless to say, we’ve been mighty all week.  Gus loves the extra attention and long walks, and we love family visits!  I fully expect Gus to zonk on the sofa for the remainder of the weekend.


According to Gus, he looks pretty bad-ass in his new pink skull charm.

We entered Park Avenue Chihuahua’s Pet Holiday Giveaway and won a pink skull charm for Gus’s collar!  In addition to the pink skull, they generously included an additional “Spoiled” charm.  They look so cute on his collar; he thinks the added bling is pretty great.

Seriously, how cute is his fuzzy chest hair?

This is his, “how many more pictures are you going to take?” expression.

Thank you so very much Park Avenue Chihuahua!  We love the charms and Gus is spreading the word to his dogger friends that boys can wear pink too!

We hope you all had a fantastic week.  We thoroughly enjoyed the time with my parents, and will be sadly dropping them off at the airport this morning.  Living so far from our families is the worst!

I’ll be spending the long weekend uploading Christmas photos.  There are some great ones of Gus that I’m excited to share!

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