Holiday Stress? Cuddle With Your Dog!

Posted on December 24, 2010


According to Gus, the best way to beat stress is to cuddle up with loved ones…specifically those with 4 legs!

We all know this time of year is hectic.  Our last couple of months have been especially busy.  We had out-of-state visitors over Thanksgiving, M’s parents were here for a week at the beginning of December, and my parents fly in Christmas evening (woohoo!).  Let me tell you, that is a lot of excitement for our household.  We’ve done our best to limit the disruptions to Gus’s schedule.  He’s definitely a creature of habit and turns into “Mr. Grumpy Pants” when there’s an unexpected change.

While reading the December issue of Prevention Magazine, an article on stress management caught my attention.  According to studies in the article, pets are calming when you’re going through a stressful event (i.e. crazy holiday planning)…even more calming than humans!  You can view the article here.

I decided to heed the advice of the article and snuggled with Gus on the couch last night after feeling particularly stressed about upcoming holiday details.  It worked!  After a quick snooze (he slept with his chin on my leg…awww), I felt more energized and tackled my to-do list with gusto.

So, if you begin to feel stressed this holiday season, snuggle with your pet!  And, if all else fails, look at puppy pictures.  It’ll melt the stress right away…guaranteed.

Gus -- May 2005

Merry Christmas Eve to you all!

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