2010 Holiday Gift Ideas: Lands’ End Dog Squall Jacket

Posted on December 18, 2010


According to Gus, wearing his jacket in a South Texas winter is unnecessary and ridiculous.

I’ll admit, winters here are very mild (nothing like Iowa where M and I grew up).  Nonetheless, we purchased a Lands’ End Squall jacket several years ago during a winter clearance sale.  Gus is not a fan of clothes of any type, and his jacket is no exception.  His tail definitely drops when we open the closet door before our walks.  Luckily for him, we only make him wear it on bitterly cold mornings.

Lands' End Dog Squall Jacket

In case you’re interested, these jackets are on clearance right now for $21.97.

Lands' End Dog Squall Jacket

The jackets in the above photos are slightly different from the one we purchased.  The fit and reflective trim are the same, but ours has one extra these do not.  Gus’s includes a battery-operated blinking light on the back!  It’s perfect for pitch-dark morning walks.

Gus was thoroughly annoyed with this impromptu photo shoot.  The temperature was almost 75 degrees and I made him just sit there in the backyard while I snapped a few photos.  Sorry Gus!

On to our review…

+ Reflective trim
+ Battery-0perated blinking light
+ Pocket to hold keys or extra PoopBags
+ Fleece lining
+ Water-resistant nylon shell
+ Coordinates with Lands’ End human jacket colors, if that’s your thing…we won’t judge
– No opening for his harness clip
– Gus loathes this jacket (he made us include that bit)

Lands’ End has an entire Just for Dogs section.  Check out this uber-cute rain jacket and hat!

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