Word Whiz Wednesday #6: Bed

Posted on December 15, 2010


According to Gus, bed is a word he looks forward to every night.

For Gus, bed means using his dogger steps up to our bed.  If he’s feeling frisky, he’ll ferociously dig at and nudge the pillows until all of them end up on the floor.  He’s always very proud of himself when he manages to push them all off, and gives us a “what are you looking at?” face when we walk in and see what he has done.

After M and I climb in, there’s always lots of adjusting before we’re all comfortable.  Like most dogs, Gus needs to make a couple complete circles before he lays down.  We like to imagine he’s a dog living in the wild who needs to walk in circles in order to mat the grass down.  Plus, thinking of Gus in the wild makes us chuckle.

Once we’ve all claimed our spots, one of two things happens next.  If Gus is really tired, he’ll immediately lay on his side with his head appropriately on his “Gus blanket” pillow.  Otherwise, he’ll curl up into a tight ball with his nose tucked into his tail.

Here are some of our favorite photos of Gus in bed…

Awww…I wish we could have puppy Gus back for just 10 minutes.  I miss having a puppy!  Well, except for the training part 😉

Gus had just run up his dogger steps onto the bed!

Boys will be boys…

When Gus was a puppy, we attempted to have him sleep in his crate.  Obviously, it didn’t last long and he’s been sleeping with us ever since.  Falling asleep to the smell of his frito feet and his soft dogger breathing is pure bliss.

Does your dog sleep in the bed?  Do they have any funny sleeping quirks?

Gus often wakes us in the middle of the night because he is yipping.  We imagine he’s chasing bunnies in his dreams.

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