2010 Holiday Gift Ideas: Crate & Barrel

Posted on December 11, 2010


According to Gus, the amount of time spent poring over the latest Crate & Barrel catalog borders on obsessive.

We love both online and brick and mortar shopping at Crate & Barrel and the Woof ornament at the bottom of this post, was purchased from C&B several years ago.  When Barkzilla blogged about the cute dogger ornaments here, we anxiously awaited the next catalog to arrive in the mail.

Much to our delight, we realized that C&B now sells all sorts of dogger goodies.  Here are some of our favorites:

Crate & Barrel "Woof" Treat Jar

This treat jar is definitely worthy of being kept on the countertop, don’t you think?

Crate & Barrel "Woof" Dog Mat

Gus tends to be a messy eater, so we always have a placemat under his food bowls.  This red bowl would look so cute sitting on top of the black and white placemat!

Crate & Barrel Dog Bowl

Despite our requests, Gus thorougly enjoys being cliche and doing his business on fire hydrants.  While we roll our eyes at the thought of peeing on a fire hydrant, we smile at the thought of fire hydrant dog biscuits.  Pumpkin dog biscuits would be a great recipe to try with these dog-inspired cookie cutters!

Crate & Barrel Dog Biscuit Cutters

Here are the adorable dog ornaments we first spotted over at Barkzilla.  Seriously, does it get any cuter than doggers in sweaters and scarves and herringbone coats?  Nope, it most certainly does not!

Crate & Barrel Herringbone Dog Ornaments

And last, but certainly not least, C&B is selling Snog by Rachel Hale with an exclusive cover.  We bought this book several years ago from Barnes & Noble and absolutely adore it.  For those who love puppies, and we’re assuming most people reading this post do, you MUST purchase this book!  The photos are gorgeous and are guaranteed to melt your heart (and make you want more puppies).

Crate & Barrel "Snog"

Our Crate & Barrel wish list was already lengthy.  Now that we know they sell uber cute dogger items, the list just grew longer.

Happy holiday shopping!  Snogs to all!

P.S.  Need a gag gift this year?  This Bag of Coal caught our eye and we know just who to buy it for!

Crate & Barrel Bag of Coal

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