Word Whiz Wednesday #4: Ball

Posted on December 1, 2010


According to Gus, ball is a word he can match with all sorts of toys.

Like most dogs, Gus’s toy tunnel is filled with balls.  He has a football, basketball, mini tennis ball, and one giant blue ball.  He’s had countless others over the years, but sadly, many were lost after Saturday trips to the dog park.  When you ask him to get a ball to play with, you never quite know which one he’ll choose!

Gus is NOT a fan of these posed photos.  He was appalled that we drug out all these balls and then asked him to just sit there.  Sorry, Gus!

Gus is infatuated with this giant bouncy ball, but we try to limit the time he plays with it.  He gets frustrated because he can’t bite it and makes all sorts of weird grunting noises.  We have to capture it on video one of these days!

Gus loves this red ball from IKEA.  It’s soft and squishy and has a rattle inside.  Perfect for chomping on!

We never miss an opportunity to snap a photo with his Iowa ball.  Especially when it’s resting on his Monster Paws!

Although he loves the toys pictured thus far, nothing compares with the little foam balls that he rips to shreds.  The following photos were taken after a 5k we ran this past summer.  We gladly accept these promotional balls whenever they’re handed out.  You can see below exactly what he does with them, and it only takes minutes.  Watching him annihilate these balls is pure entertainment.

Mission accomplished.  Ball is destroyed.  Anyone keeping score?  Gus = 1, Ball = 0.

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