2010 Iowa Football

Posted on November 27, 2010


According to Gus, the end of the 2010 Iowa Football season couldn’t come fast enough.

The past 12 Saturdays were riddled with anxiety as we watched our beloved Hawkeyes play their 2010 season.  Iowa started in the top 10, fell out of after a tough loss, bounced back into the top 10, only to fall out again after a couple more tough losses.  It’s been a season of ups and downs and all ends today after their 2:30 game vs. Minnesota.

Gus loathes game time and normally retreats to a comfy spot in the house far from the shrieks, clapping, and sometimes yelling that goes on around the television.  We are far too loud and obnoxious for his liking and he can’t wait until it’s all over.

After a loss when we’re down in the dumps, he miraculously always brings out one of his many Iowa balls.  It’s the oddest thing and just baffles us.  We like to think he somehow knows we’re sad and wants to cheer us up.  Doggers do the most amazing things!

What is your favorite college or professional team?  Does your dog watch with you?

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