Word Whiz Wednesday #3: Husky

Posted on November 24, 2010


According to Gus, Husky is a trustworthy and loyal friend.  Apparently, he also happens to make a fantastic pillow.

Husky was technically the very first stuffed animal we received for Gus.  Gus’s dad was given this stuffed animal from one of his elementary students.  It was sort of an odd gift to receive, but we put it to great use!  You can see a photo of Husky amongst his other dog toys here.

As you can see, they quickly became best of friends.

Husky was one of the first words Gus learned, and he never forgot about him!  Husky is still one of his favored toys, even if he looks a little worse for wear.

Husky has made several trips to the “animal hospital” and been washed and dried countless times.  Both Gus and Husky have changed a lot in 5 years!

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