Target’s Great Holiday Toy Sale

Posted on November 22, 2010


According to Gus, the best part about this Sunday’s Express News was a copy of Target‘s Great Holiday Toy Sale catalog.  He’s already perused the catalog from Toys ‘R Us this year and moved on to Target.

Aren’t those eyes the sweetest?  His expression really looks like a little boy pleading for toys!

The toys Gus loves the most were not made for dogs.  He’s not big into squeakers or noisemakers, rope or frisbees.  Over the years, we’ve spent an obscene amount of money buying him what we thought were the coolest and most interesting dog toys.   We were always disappointed when he quickly lost interest and returned to his old favorites, like Cobra.  Eventually, we realized the things he loves to play with the most are good old-fashioned stuffed animals.

With that in mind, I browsed around Target’s toy section and found these cuties.  What dog (or human) wouldn’t want to play with the International Playthings Baby Farm Friends Bowling Set?  All we’d need is a bowling lane.  Hmmmm…I think that could be arranged in the family room.

I can already picture what the scene would look like if we bought this set.  We’d roll the ball towards the pins, but the ball would never reach the target.  Bad aim?  Nope.  I have a feeling a little brown dogger would interfere with his monster paws before the ball could strike.

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