Word Whiz Wednesday #2: Cobra

Posted on November 17, 2010


According to Gus, Cobra is one of his nearest and dearest friends.

He also happens to be one of the first presents Gus received.  Gus had only been home for a couple of days before he received his first package in the mail.  His cousins from Oregon had shipped him all sorts of goodies.  A homemade blanket, Debbie cookies, all the ingredients to make biscuits, and…COBRA!

He immediately whipped Cobra out of the box and began tossing him around.  He especially loved to chew on his long red tongue.

Gus learned Cobra’s name and is still one of his favorite toys, 5 years later.  Although he’s been to the “animal hospital” a few times, he’s still in one piece.  He even still has his green eyes and tongue!

We weren’t fibbing…5+ years later and Cobra is still going strong!  Although, it looks like we need to book him another operation at the “animal hospital”.

Seeing puppy pictures next to current pictures really highlights how much his hair coloring changed.  It went from brown to orange!

We love pictures of his paws…aka Monster Paws!

Does your dog still have any puppy toys?

Gus is pretty gentle on his toys and we’ve kept all of his favorites from when he was a puppy!

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