Posted on November 12, 2010


According to Gus, red furry monsters are a great way to begin the weekend.

Remember when we mentioned how much Gus likes presents?  We meant it.  He doesn’t care if it’s a Yelp sweatband or a new dog toy, as long as it’s a “present”.

We recently dined at Mama’s Cafe and noticed the toy machine near the register.  You’ve seen them before, the kind with the big claw that drops down and pinches the pile of stuffed animals below.  Normally, we are fairly frugal and avoid wasting money like it’s the plague.  Not this particular day though.  We threw caution to the wind and deposited our first dollar.  And…nothing.  Our 3 attempts for $1 went faster than Gus can eat a biscuit and we came up empty-handed.  Then the following words were uttered, “try again, you HAVE to win Gus a toy”!  In goes another dollar.  And…success!  A bright red Sesame Street Elmo to bring home to Gus!

It was quite possibly the best $2 we’ve ever spent!  Our apologies for the quality below, we’re still learning the video function on our DSLR.

Muahahaha...You're mine now Elmo!

Mmmmm...Elmo's leg is delicious

Thank you M&D! I love my present!

Happy Friday!  Gus intends to be very lazy this weekend.  Do you have something fun planned with your dogger?

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