Word Whiz Wednesday #1: Go Do It

Posted on November 10, 2010


According to Gus, “go do it” is a phrase he’s very familiar with and hears several times a day.  We thought it was fitting to kick-off Word Whiz Wednesday with one of the first phrases Gus mastered.

In 2005, when we decided it was time to add a dogger to our little family of two, we were advised on the importance of proper puppy training.  Luckily, we had family who guided us on the ins and outs of housebreaking.  Gus’s older (but much tinier) cousin, Little Debbie, was housebroken with the phrase, “go do it”.  Everytime she was outside, her parents used that phrase until she did her business and then rewarded her with a treat.  Since it worked so well for Debbie, we copied the phrase and technique.  Hey, housebreaking is very important, it was no time to be original!

Fortunately for us, Gus’s arrival conveniently coincided with summer break.  His dad was able to spend all summer working with him and in a matter of weeks, he was an old pro!  We kept a treat bag filled with Debbie cookies (named after his “go do it” role model) hanging on the back door and Gus was ushered outside every hour or so to avoid an accident.  He was very motivated by the  treat waiting for him inside, so he caught on very quickly.  Yes, there were definitely days where it seemed he relieved himself inside more than outside, but all in all, we were very grateful he was such a fast learner.

Here’s a few shots of him in action at the park this weekend.  He was less than thrilled by the intrusion of privacy.  Sorry Gus!

“Mom, I’m doing my business here, stop snapping photos!  This better not be posted on my blog!”

“Rude!  Fine, I’ll turn my head while I finish.”

Unlike other male doggers, Gus never lifts a leg when he pees.  We call him our yoga dog.  It totally looks like he’s in plank position!

Do you use a specific word or phrase to signal when you want your dogger to “go do it”?

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