Word Whiz Wednesday

Posted on November 3, 2010


According to Gus, exercising his brain is as important as exercising his little dogger legs.  Today’s dog tip email from DogAge peaked my interest.  The article mentioned that research shows some dogs are able to recognize up to 200 words.  That sounds like smarty-pants Gus to me!

Ever since he was a puppy, we’ve worked very hard with Gus on word recognition.  This article really got me thinking.  Just how many words and phrases does Gus know?  After counting words in my head for a couple of minutes, it hit me…Word Whiz Wednesday!  Every Wednesday we’ll post a word or phrase Gus knows.  Not only will this help us determine the number of words he knows, it will also motivate us to teach Gus new words!

We’ll officially kick off Word Whiz Wednesday next week.  Until then, here’s one of our favorite photos of puppy Gus, surrounded by some of the very first words he learned.

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